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I’m trying to figure out whether I want to travel for the holiday with my pup, and this blog post freaked me out a bit. The only place I really fault Delta here is for not having a live chat or way to do things online. The agent said he would call me within 1 hour to apply the eCredit, and add the dog. This means ironically in most cases that basic economy passengers get to board before Delta Comfort passengers. As of the time I flew June 5th, Delta was enforcing social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic by keeping the first class cabin at 50% capacity, essentially giving myself a full row (social distancing to the max!). Air Travel forums . You can either work or leisurely browse the Internet while you’re on a long haul flight. However, the wording regarding entering the border via air from both governments is a bit nebulous. Delta's 757-200 first-class product is one of the best ways to travel between Seattle and New York. However, the return options didn’t make sense so I decided to book the return on United leaving Orlando instead. Well, it’s intended for you but coach passengers will sneak up in and use it, and flight attendants rarely make a fuss. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes to get from Condesa, Mexico City to the CDMX airport. The agent said yes but I later find out that it wasn’t the case. They’re a very small Star Alliance airline that flies exclusively Mexican domestic routes. A review of the Citi ThankYou Premier credit card. Points Panda LLC does not include all financial companies or all available financial offers on this website. I fly with my dog, a long-haired dachshund, about 3-4 times a year. Paul to Philadelphia FLIGHT TIME: 2h 19m DATE: June 27, 2019 AIRCRAFT TYPE: Boeing 717-200 » CLASS OF SERVICE: First Class » SEAT: 2A ABOUT THE PLANE. I didn’t see anything cheaper than 50k Skymiles + $75 for the dates I was looking at. I have friends who do not have residency but have already flown back and forth since the pandemic hit. You also need to have a vet sign a letter of good health for your dog before you go. I asked the check-in agent if the Mexico City airport closed all of its lounges. It was impossible to find in the grocery stores even if you wanted alcohol. I got extra special treatment and she asked if I needed any extra bottled water for him. That way, I can get a 3-4 cents per point value instead of 1.1c. Flight review flying Delta Airlines business / first class in the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve booked a United flight to Mexico, there’s a good chance that Aeromar was your final domestic leg in Mexico. Many people assume the best way for free award flights is through committing to one airline and accumulating that airline’s frequent flyer miles. The Aeromar Star Alliance lounge was open, albeit with reduced offerings. For more information please read our full Advertiser Disclosure. Obviously, the long-haul domestic flights (like LAX to NYC) will use better, more modern planes (lie-flat seats, seat-back entertainment, etc). I figured out that I’d take a quick look at Skymiles options. View the complete list of special meals to determine which meal meets your need. Answer 1 of 12: I'm flying from Chicago to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake to Kahului. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. © 2020 Points Panda. The investments are revealed through a new line of branded products called Delta One, First Class, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin, all of which provide greater choice and premium options that go along with Delta’s signature of providing the highest standards of quality and service. Although Delta claims that its "Delta One" is First Class, I found it inferior to Cathay Pacific's 2003 version of Business Class, Northwest Airline's 2008 (pre-absorbtion into Delta) version of Business Class, and JAL's 2008 First Class. Freddy is from Atlanta, Georgia and has called Mexico City his home base since 2015. The first time I flew with my dog in Mexico an agent disappeared with my passport for 5 minutes. Delta stayed unreachable for two months and in my opinion, they did it on purpose. Many airlines today are equipped with USB outlets that will allow you to charge your devices. I’m not sure if they were making exceptions for holders of Delta Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Medallion status. . Usually, prior to immigration, you fill out a screening form at a computer terminal (or on your phone using an app), and then take the paper the terminal spits out to the immigration agent. However, we skipped this part and they told us to go straight to any immigration counter where there was zero waiting time. That bathroom at the front of the plane is just for you. (Note: this screenshot is from a slightly different flight) However, the main reason I booked in cash was that I had a $451.53 Delta eCredit that I … It was a flight to Austin from a conference that was canceled because of the pandemic. Maui Tourism Maui Hotels Bed and Breakfast Maui Maui Holiday Rentals Maui Holiday Packages Flights to … Delta Extends First Class Seat Blocking Through Holiday Season. Get answers to your questions . I’m sure it would take Delta’s tech team 2 minutes to fix that bug, but let’s be honest, it’s probably that way by design to discourage people from using their vouchers and eCredits. FLIGHT DETAILS. The Mexican authorities will accept the same certificate of good health when you fly back to Mexico with your pet as long as you come back to Mexico within 14 days. On a number of recent domestic flights, I had the experience of testing out both products on shorter and longer flights in domestic First Class (recliner-style) … I find there’s usually not too much variation in terms of the hard product, though Delta is ahead of the curve with installing power ports on these planes. The pros: a lie-flat seat, friendly service and tasty food. And no, the dog doesn’t go through the X-ray machine. But that’s…. * Delta’s First Class customers will enjoy: Premium seats with ample legroom New quilted seat covers and updated headrests Delta does not allow you to add a pet to a reservation online and you have to call customer service. Side-note: If you don’t live in Mexico you’ve probably never heard of Aeromar. You just go normally through security and then go through either the metal detector or full-body scanner while holding the dog. It really was a funky experience. Delta's fleet of aircraft feature a variety of cabin configurations that include Delta One (the airline's long-haul international Business Class), First Class (domestic flights), Business Class (international flights to the Caribbean), Delta Comfort+ (Premium Economy Class), Main Cabin (Economy Class) and Basic Economy (a pared-down version of Main Cabin). However, the US government discourages, but not prohibits, Americans planning to fly to Mexico for tourism purposes. The second reason I needed to call Delta was to use the eCredit I had mentioned, Access to this lounge did not come with my ticket, Freddy's FREE Credit Card Optimization Course, Check out the best travel credit cards from our partners, Delta Airlines Coronavirus Flight Cancelations And Changes, most trafficked monopolized international route at Hartsfield, Emotional Support Animals No Longer Categorized As Service Animals, United MileagePlus Status Qualifications For 2021 And 2022, Delta First Class During The Covid-19 Pandemic (Mexico City to Atlanta). Originally set to expire on October 31st, Delta’s first class seat blocking policy has been extended through January 6, 2021. American ex-pats flying from Mexico to the U.S. shouldn’t have immigration issues getting back to Mexico due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your message. Delta domestic first class (Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy) Well, there’s good news for those paying for the fancy recliners. Answer 1 of 6: Has anyone experienced first class to Hawaii on Delta? The USA and Mexico land border currently ban all non-essential travel per the time of this writing. Delta 737 first class cabin There was a personal television at every seat, as is the norm on all of Delta’s 737s (and on 700 of their mainline aircraft, for that matter). However, the main reason I booked in cash was that I had a $451.53 Delta eCredit that I needed to use for a canceled flight. The bathrooms of course were way cleaner than the public ones too. A premium experience that puts Delta customers’ needs first. The arrival at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was quick and uneventful. You just need to have the vaccination card to show they’re up to date on their rabies vaccine. However, I don’t think that having it would have saved anyone time. Maui. First Class is a premium cabin offering on domestic routes (within the 50 U.S. and between the 50 U.S. and Canada). It would have cost more than the difference between the basic economy and first-class alone. The biggest difference I noticed was the plane had 5 rows in first/business class in a standard 2×2 configuration, 20 standard recliner seats in first class compared to the normal 12-16 seats on various 737-700 and 737-800 configurations.. The same rules remain in place as of the time of this writing. However, if I had a huge surplus of Skymiles I would have considered it. The plane arrived about 20 minutes early and quickly taxied to one of the bazillion open gates and thankfully deplaned at Terminal F and not Terminal E. The plane’s offboarding scheduled was at 6:01 PM though I was able to get off of the plane and on the tarmac at just a smidge over 5:30 PM. Legroom was ample although I may not be the best person to measure this as I only stand at a miniscule 5 foot 5 (168cm) with short legs. It was not working properly on the website and says that the eCredit was worth “$0”. At the end of the flight, however, I was glad I didn’t spend more than I did. It was nice because for a commercial aviation geek like me, I love playing around with the airshow app. Reply to: Delta first class perks??? The aircraft can carry more passengers and has a…. This article only covers my trip from Mexico City to Atlanta. From my understanding, Delta is the only major airline of the big 3 that isn’t offering bottled alcohol in first class, even by request. The plane had wifi as well, but I did not signup for it, as I believe it was around $13 for the full flight, a rip off for only a 3 hour flight. Delta’s A320 first class cabin consists of a total of 16 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2 configuration. She let the dog cuddle in my lap and let me leave the dog’s crate on top of the empty seat. mission statements for schools technology plan, Sfrdan Borsa Teknik Analiz, VOP ve Matriks ALGORTMA, Save Maximum 80% Off, oakland community college bloomfield hills. Sign up for the TPG daily email newsletter here You can read about the ins and outs of Virgin’s Flying Club program here… Keep in mind that booking a business class flight is like getting insurance. AIRLINE: Delta Air Lines » ROUTE: Minneapolis/St. I had heard from other friends and business travelers that Aeromexico’s lounge stayed open during the pandemic. They checked the dog’s vaccinations and then it was off to grab my bag. Points Panda has partnered with a variety of financial companies including CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. The seat reclined less than expected but it was comfortable nonetheless. Priority boarding, security, and check-in are worth much less when nobody is flying due to Covid019. Back in December, Delta Air Lines had some excellent fares from New York-JFK to Mexico City. Delta A321 first class cabin I checked booking with Delta Skymiles as I had about 35k points in my account. First Class is a premium cabin offering on domestic routes (within the 50 U.S. and between the 50 U.S. and Canada). Read our community guidelines. * Delta’s First Class customers will enjoy: Premium seats with ample legroom; New quilted seat covers and updated headrests They’re closing airport lounges and reducing the services. I’d say it’s only once every 2 years or so that a flight attendant allows me to take the dog out of the bag during the flight to take photos. Second, as the father of a recently-turned four-year-old, I’m not sure a two-year-old would be deeply scarred by what occurred onboard. My flight was $630.63 in total but with the $451.53 voucher it came out to $179.40. Side-note: This site is not about pet travel, please do more in depth research before flying international with your pet. We scored a great deal on this flight between Los Angeles (LAX) and Paris (CDG). First, it pays to get thrown off a United flight…it seems a lot of charity has been thrown at the family including a first class ticket on Delta. First Class is a premium cabin offering on domestic routes (within the 50 U.S. and between the 50 U.S. and Canada). This compensation may impact how and where links appear on this site. Delta Classes of Service Delta Air Lines is one of 2 legacy long-haul U.S. airlines that only operates a business class with no separate international first class (like American Airlines). It would have been a bad use of Chase/Amex points anyways. * Delta ’s First Class customers will enjoy: Premium seats with ample legroom; New quilted seat covers and updated headrests The Delta agent explained that even though all tickets (even basic economy) are eligible for refunds due to Covid-19, the “system is dumb” and doesn’t know this when issuing the voucher. That was probably the speediest boarding of my life. But again, the pesky “system” was thinking it was a Delta One seat so they had to get a manager to override the system to add the dog. Ask a question Recent Conversations. With airline wars at its most competitive, first-class fares are a lot cheaper than they were in the past. They really need to improve on this. All rights reserved. In the end someone at Delta responded on Twitter and we began a conversation via Twitter’s DM system. No additional measures were taken regarding pet travel on either side of the border due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The plane itself was a 757-200, which is very unusual for the Mexico City (MEX) to Atlanta (ATL) route, as during normal times Delta usually flies this route exclusively with a smaller 737-700 or 737-800. In fact, Delta wouldn’t even put me on hold and they would just hang up on me. Also, they required masks and reminded everyone before boarding to have them on. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. I’ll write up a future article about flying with my dog in Mexico during the pandemic. It’s a policy when flying with a dog in Mexico. What is first class like on Delta? Because of this, Delta needs to provide an enhanced level of comfort on its flights so customers can better choose which product fits their travel needs. A premium experience that puts Delta customers’ needs first. This is not an exhaustive list and may frequently change. The first was to add my Dog to the reservation. All forums . If you’ve ever flown out of CDMX (Mexico City) you’d know in normal times this would be a miracle as taxing usually takes 30 minutes+ not 5 minutes. First class features wider seats, onboard meals, and attentive service. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then what are … Most importantly: My bag was waaaay overweight and it was around 63lbs. In fact, many cities and districts weren’t allowed to sell alcohol. The first was to add my Dog to the reservation. His other hobbies include surfing, hiking, and studying foreign languages. I didn’t know what to expect flying Delta first class during the Covid-19 pandemic. Delta vs American– which airline is better for domestic First Class? The plane was in good shape and spotlessly clean as expected during Coronavirus. Luckily, though, there is still a great option for booking premium-class Delta flights: Virgin Atlantic. My best guess is if you’re a Mexican national flying into the USA without a green card, you’d be denied entry despite having a legitimate tourist visa. In this case, basic economy was $550 while business class was $630, so at that price level, it was a no brainer to upgrade. Sometimes they ask for it, sometimes they don’t. I can get into the Aeromexico lounge or the American Express Centurion lounge using my priority pass access from my Amex Business Platinum card. They had Heineken and that was the real treat because Mexico closed most of its breweries during the pandemic. The industry-leading experience is filled with thoughtful touches that were designed by Delta flight attendants with one goal in mind – delivering an exceptional onboard experience for all by creating memorable moments in flight. I just drove down from Atlanta with my family. I didn’t check AirFrance, Aeromexico, or other Skyteam airline award programs. I was informed that the Aeromexico lounge was closed after I got my ticket. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. Sometimes they make you go to the customs office when you have a dog, sometimes they don’t. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Not only is booze free, you get a meal out of it too (depending on how long your flight is, generally three hours or longer). Sure, you get to board first, free drinks, a coat closet (sometimes), big comfy seats with no one in the middle, but isn’t First Class more of a prestige thing, right? First class passengers have a dedicated flight attendant receive personalized services that include a pre-flight drink or hearty snack, prepared whenever you’re ready. Either way, as a US citizen with Mexican residency I wasn’t particularly concerned about having trouble getting back into Mexico. * Delta ’s First Class customers will enjoy: Premium seats with ample legroom; New quilted seat covers and updated headrests The Delta 757 has both a “Delta One” configuration in business class where dogs are not allowed and a “First Class Recliner” configuration where dogs are allowed. A premium experience that puts Delta customers’ needs first. Preview. Yes, booze is free. Once it’s time to board, you’re invited to board first so you can settle in sooner and enjoy the First Class … Delta flight DL366 was supposed to depart the gate at 1:40 pm and arrive at 6:01 pm. Check out the best travel credit cards from our partners. In mid to late March when shit hit the fan, it’s quite understandable, but dealing with this lack of service in late May was unacceptable in my eyes.

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