mechanic stripped oil drain plug

save. This example is on a Honda 3.5 and it is a semi-common repair in the sjop. It is also a multi-use tool and can be used for various purposes. This is an oil drain valve of 14mm that also features a metallic finish. I have been working as a mechanic for over fifteen years. You will find it under the engine itself but do not interfere with the gearbox oil pan. The dealer claims he did not strip it and it must have been a factory defect that they didn't notice when they put it away last fall. Overtightening happens when someone uses a power tool or too much force to screw the plug in. Obviously, it’s best to be careful and avoid damage in the first place. 2001 Hyndai Elantra. Not sure its a friend of mine. Automotive Mechanic. Once that happen, you’ll leak oil. Once you have drained all the oil in the oil pan, use a clean cloth to clean the teeth of the oil pan and put a new gasket. Jack the car up in the front, so it tilts away from where the oil pan drain is located. Wtf is this? Engine oil stays in the oil pans found in the vehicle. They … Your email address will not be published. First off, it might be difficult to remove, so avoid using vice grips, as those may strip the head. About 50% of the Vanagons that come through GoWesty have damaged or totally stripped-out oil drain plug holes. For more information on repairing a stripped oil drain plug, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store. In the case of the oil drain plug, this usually results in stripping out the threads in the oil pan. I have to discuss with my mechanic the problem of my oil drain plug being stripped by some wingnut in the past. Posted by 6 days ago. Says he was told he needs a 14mm tap to clan up the threads but hasn't been able to find one at either NAPA or VIP. 17 comments. College kid next door uses it to get back and forth to school. the oil plug gasket which can break or fall apart, and the oil pan gasket which can wear away and begin leaking due to your engine’s heating and cooling cycles. The threads on my 05 Elantra’s oil pan are done for. One of these ways is by using Irwin Tools BOLT-GRIP Extractor. … Actually, it looks to me like it was previously stripped, drilled out to a larger diameter, tapped, and a threaded oil pan plug adapter installed. And if it's just the drain plug itself, you can replace it for a few bucks. The other way is to apply heat on the oil drain plug. What can a home mechanic do? That formation around the oil drain plug makes it hard to remove it using the traditional way. Ignoring a leaking oil pan it can lead to you paying thousands for a new engine, or even having a repair that may cost more than your entire car. The threadlocker is between the adapter and the oil pan. (Its still dripping slowly) So I can't even drive it to a mechanic that is only a 1/4 mile away. Through drilling I went far enough for oil to drain out. I recently purchased an 05 Volvo S80 for a whopping $700 CAD after I moved on from my first car, a Buick of the same year. How important is this service? I'm currently in the process of performing a comprehensive tune up; hoses, filters, ignition system, fluid changes, belt service, etc. Put some force with a hammer. If the threads are completely stripped it can even lead to the drain plug not fitting at all which would leave your engine completely empty of oil and unable to be ran. The helicoil is the "spring" thing that came out with your drain plug. This can take awhile. Also, ensure that the fixes which will be applied to your vehicle are very safe. 2017 Jetta 2.0TSI. If you find yourself in this position you’ve got 2 options: Stripped Oil Pan Drain Plug Repair: Replace the oil pan; Install an oversized drain plug; Oil Pan Replacement

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