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Permanent residence permit (Blue Card) Sign in to follow this . The Blue Card scheme helps the German labor market attract well-trained workers and reduce skilled workers’ shortage. Followers 24. Getting a permanent residency in Germany means access to many benefits. A PR visa in Germany in 2020 will mean access to the same benefits. An EU Blue Card is valid for up to 12 months after departure from Germany. To enter Germany, the relatives require a visa; to continue to stay, they require a residence … Hi, I just got my permanent residency. Or would you like to study at a German University? How To Get Permanent Residence in Germany | Blue Card and PR In Germany | Malayalam Vlog How to get permanent residence in Germany? You can also find out about here … If you want to live in Germany, we can not wait for a permanent resident instead. If you have an EU Blue Card, you can also bring your spouse in Germany. You have a German … Professionals that find a job with a gross annual salary of at least EUR 50,800 are eligible for the EU Blue Card, although in the fields of mathematics, IT, science, engineering and doctors, … In the absence of any provisions to the contrary in this Act, the EC long-term residence permit is equivalent to the settlement permit. What are the requirements to issue an EU Blue Card? required documents for the Permanent Residence Permit for EU Blue Card holders This list includes the documents that are usually required. Section 9 (1), sentences 2 and 3 shall apply accordingly. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card) Sign in to follow this . I got my blue card 9 months ago when my original 2-year residence permit was about to expire. What are the benefits of Permanent Residentship visa over blue card ? RESIDENCE ACT § 9a EC long-term residence permit (1) The EC long-term residence permit is a permanent residence title. In addition to the German permanent residence permit, there is also a EU permanent … Holders of an EU Blue Card may stay outside Germany for up to twelve months without losing entitlement to an EU Blue Card. For the EU Blue Card Germany requires that you apply in-person. EU Blue Card in Germany. Parents of foreign children with a permanent settlement permit pursuant to § 26 para. Procedure. I live in Berlin, have a Blue card for about 27 months . It formulates the basis for issuing an EU Blue Card Germany. The main regulation is the new § 19a of the Residence Act. It is generally possible to extend residence titles no earlier than 8 weeks before they are scheduled to expire. Key advantages of blue card Germany to holder: - Permanent residency after 33 months. blue card. Alt. Please let me know below 1. 4, if a residence permit pursuant to § 25 para. I chose the Blue Card also because of the easy transition to permanent residence it offers. I'm working in Software Industry since Dec. 2013 and my blue card visa has validity till Jan 2018. 21 months. It enables qualified third-country citizens to immigrate to Germany permanently. To do this, you will still need to meet the requirements of the German language, no criminal record, and the ability to support yourself financially. In these cases, the child will also be entitled to take the nationality of the parents. Your family member has an EU Blue Card? In addition, I could easily arrange a residence and work permit for my husband as well. Additionally, if you leave to start school or university abroad, your residence permit is automatically invalid at the point of exit. The costs of a Germany Permanent Residence Permit depend on your situation. Migration & residence: Planning to come and work in Germany, or to join your spouse or your family? Yes, if your family members live in an EU state continuously for five years, they become eligible for permanent … How … Holders of an EU Blue Card can be granted a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) under facilitated conditions; according to German language proficiency after 33 resp. In some individual cases, it may be necessary to submit further documents. Can you get a permanent residence permit through family reunification? 2. had previously been issued and if no parent with an entitlement to personal care is a resident of the Federal Republic of Germany; Important notes: 1. Visit our section on “Migration and residence”, and you will find out about the various different preconditions for living in Germany. Germany EU long-term residence permit. Though most applicants will need to pay a fee of €135, there are others as: Self-employed persons who need to pay a fee of €200. Visa for spouse and children may be issued upon issuance of a national visa to the (prospective) blue card holder, so they can travel together. Germany EU Blue Card. The EU Blue Card (Section 18b (2) AufenthG (German Residence Act)) is a special residence permit for foreign academics seeking qualified employment in Germany.To find out whether you require a visa to enter Germany, see Who needs a visa?.. They qualify to get the permanent residence after 33 months, but if they know German well they can get it after 21 months. The new German Residence Act from 1 st July 2012 contains the legal basis for the EU Blue Card in Germany. There are two types of residence permits- limited (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and unlimited (Niederlassungserlaubnis).The limited permit has a validity date and will expire … The EU Blue Card is a residence title for graduates which is intended to facilitate and promote the permanent immigration of highly-qualified persons from outside the EU to Germany. I want to work for few more years, shall I ask for Blue card extension or apply for Permanent Residentship visa ? Note that this only applies to the German permanent settlement permit and not the permanent residence permit for the European Community. A permanent residence permit allows you to reside in Germany, without having to extend your residence permit regularly. This can be a German residence permit, an EU Blue Card, an ICT card, a Mobile ICT card, a perma nent German residence permit or a permanent EU residence permit.-As a rule, with your residence permit together with your passport you can prove your identity on a day-to-day basis, This is known as ‘reunification of families’. Then is it Nov 2019 or Jan 2020 when I fulfill my 5 years residence … Important: Book an appointment before your residence title expires. Conditions You must meet the following pre-conditions in order to obtain an EU Blue Card: Then apply for the EU Blue Card whilst you’re in Germany. There are two main options for permanent gaining residency in Germany: Permanent EC Residence … important is the presence of an employment contract or a binding job offer. Residence permits issued on the grounds of family reunification with an EU Blue Card holder will have the same validity as the EU Blue Card. To be allowed to stay in Germany long-term, and to travel in and out of the country as you please, you’ll need a Settlement Permit. Followers 27. A permanent residence permit is a goal of most of us when moving abroad, and it's certainly reasonable: one will get the freedom to stay in the country as long as they want. The German immigration authority issues the cross-border commuter card. Hi all, I am a non-EU citizen and have lived and worked in Belgium since November 2014 with the work permit B. I have a few questions. He likes Germany even more than me. had permanent residence status in Germany; is Swiss. I am in Germany for a total of 33 months and 2 weeks currently. I know the whole Blue Card thing is still new, but I just wanted to see if anyone with a Blue Card had successfully moved to permanent residence under "19a, passage 6, law of residence" , according to which, any foreigners who own the EU blue card can apply for permanent residence after 33 months & If they have German … If possible, you should book an appointment 4-6 weeks before your visa, residence permit or EU Blue Card is scheduled to expire. The spouse does not necessarily need to know German well, and can work after you get your permanent residence. Persons already living in Germany under a different residence title and would like to apply for an EU Blue Card can contact their local immigration authority. Eu blue card is a perfect way settlement in Europe. I assume you are the holder of the EU Blue Card, one of the most favorable and beneficial residence permit in Germany. 1. Unless you already live in Germany, you’ll probably need a temporary visa for entry, such as a work visa, job search visa, or a visa for the purpose of visiting a language class.But, if you’re a member of these countries, you don’t need to apply for an entry visa and can stay … The EU blue card. Although I started my work at Nov 2014, my residence permit has been initiated 2 months later, as from Jan 2015 (due to the processing time). Consult German diplomatic mission for details on issue dates. It is not a final list. A Germany EU Blue Card is a German residence permit title for third country nationals wishing to work in Germany. It was the human resources team at my employer who informed me about the Blue Card and helped me obtain it. German citizens or citizens from non-EU countries who have a Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) or a Niederlassungserlaubnis (settlement permit) are allowed to bring their relatives to Germany. It does not matter if you return to Germany before the 6 month deadline. completed application form valid passport [original and a copy] current biometric passport … This is … 2 s. 1, 2. EU Blue Card holders. The Blue Card is valid for 4 years, and you may bring your spouse with you, even if they don’t meet the above requirements.

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