permanent residence permit ukraine

Our company will be happy to help you with getting Ukraine immigration permit. A residence permit gives you the right to live in Ukraine officially, but also requires certain rules. After becoming a permanent resident, there will be no need to apply for a permanent residence visa. As of June 01, 2018, issuance of permanent residence permits will be provided exclusively by territorial bodies/units of SMS. 4. Application for execution of permanent residence permit in Ukraine. 3. With obtaining residence permit foreigner acquires the same rights as citizens of Ukraine, except the right to vote, hold office in state bodyes, perform military service. Government charge in the amount of 34 UAH (on the basis of para. Visit a Ukrainian diplomatic mission or consular post abroad at the place of permanent residence; For persons legally staying in Ukraine – visit the territorial unit of SMS at your place of residence; Submit an application enclosing the passport and required documents; Receive the immigration permit … By Ukrainian legislation, there is no permanent resident visa. All applications should be lodged with the State migration service of Ukraine. If you want to live with your spouse, work without permits, travel to Europe with easy visa getting, get free education for your children you can get PRP. Notarized translation of passport page with foreigner‘s personal data into Ukrainian. Original of foreigner’s passport, a copy of the page with personal data, visa and stamp of crossing the border (or immigration card). There are two types of Ukraine residence permit: a temporary Ukraine residence permit allows to stay in the country for up to a year, while a permanent Ukraine residence permit allows someone stay in the country indefinitely. Permanent Residence application must contain such personal information: The procedure of applying for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. It is possible to file documents straight from Ukraine or from the Ukrainian Embassy abroad. A notarized copy of the immigration permit. 2. Service fees and benefits. A residence permit gives you the right to live in Ukraine officially, but also requires certain rules. Consider also that business visa to Ukraine is not a ground to obtain a residence permit. As the overall procedure of obtaining a permanent residency in Ukraine takes time, if you wish to relocate to Ukraine earlier, you can get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine (issued for 3 years and renewable). Thus, both temporary and permanent residence permits are documents that certify the identity of a foreigner and confirm the legal grounds for temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine. Permanent residence permit Ukraine If a person plans to live for a long time on the territory of Ukraine, then a special permit from the state will be required for this. A permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued for a period of 10 years, with its subsequent exchange for a new one valid 10 years at a low cost. PRP – Permanent residence Ukraine is a document that certifies a foreigner identity and gives the right to reside legally on the territory of Ukraine, freely (without a visa) to enter and leave the country, as well as to work in Ukraine without issuing a permit, during the whole period its actions. The Permanent Residence permit will be issued within 15 business days upon application to the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The law defined two main groups of persons who have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine. Permanent residence permit entitles a foreigner to stay in Ukraine perpetually. How to obtain a permanent residence permit? Zalizniak & Associates can facilitate the delivery of a Ukrainian residence permit for its clients. 6 Article 3 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine …

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