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This is not an exact science, and is mostly used for insurance purposes. Note the $50 is basically the base line cost per card and goes up from there based on expedited services and declared value. Their slabs realize higher prices. Thus, let’s say we are submitting the following card: 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps – Value $100,000  —  we want the standard turnaround. This table below details Beckett’s standard pricing across various turnaround times. Unopened Pack authentication and grading service levels are based on the year of the pack’s release. So either one is totally not necessary, as a ruler might be everything you need. The $35 seems to be the starting point, and they negotiate up from there. It only costs $25 per year and the membership includes full submission privileges, free grader notes and a 5% discount off all grading tiers. Content may not be reproduced in any form. Note: in all cases some restrictions apply. MC – Miscut. ), and a final CGC grade, which is an aggregate of the opinions of three professional graders and the approval of a final primary grader. I've found a lot of that at the Nationals with SGC; bait and switch on grading costs. (Also select a grading tier) If you disagree with a grade assigned by NGC, you may submit the coin for review for a higher grade. I will exit if price goes against me. I bought one of these from eBay and its just like what jewelers use and its only $5–it has an LED light and magnifies things up to 60x their size. I really don’t want to hear about the subjectivity of grading. The problem being that PSA and SGC tend to be more widely utilized with vintage cards, thus leading Beckett to be more of a lower tier grader in the vintage collecting world. Also, Beckett's case seems to be the most tamper-proof. Back in March with the peak of COVID shutdowns, the grading companies were not operating at all. There will always be cards that appear under or over graded, and in the former, most just chalk it up to the grader having a bad day. Here’s a Michael Jordan ’86 Fleer rookie card as graded PSA 1.5 (Fair).  We can see that the card has some obvious wear, with rounded corners, chipped edging, some creasing along the left edges and some discoloration on the back top and sides of the card–see that yellowing? PSA’s cheapest card grading service – ‘Economy’ – starts at $20, for a card with a maximum declared value (*) of $499. As to who is the best grader, it’s mostly subjective, as each collector has their own different experiences. 2003 Topps Lebron James Rookie #221 GEM Mint 10 Draft Day HOF 🔥 PSA 10? Upping the declared value will also raise the costs, all the way up to $5000 for a ‘Premium Elite’ submission which has a max declared value of $100,000 and a 1 day turnaround—this will set you back $5000. 🔥🔥🔥, 1986 Fleer Basketball #7 Charles Barkley RC Rookie HOF PSA 9 " PACK FRESH ", 1996-97 Skybox Z Force #142 Kobe Bryant Lakers RC Rookie HOF PSA 10 GEM MINT, 1985 Nike Promo Michael Jordan Bulls RC Rookie HOF PSA 10 ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE. PSA Grading Cost. The edges (or borders) of a card is also an important factor when considering a card’s overall grade.  A card in Gem Mint or even Mint condition should have sharp edges with no signs of chipping.  Sometimes it can be hard to see problems on a card’s borders with your naked eye, thus a loupe or other type of magnifying glass is needed in order to get a closer look at the card.   Cards in lower grades typically have significant border wear with potentially chipped edges on the card. Â. Is The Bird, Magic Rookie Card Undervalued? Now of course there are ways to spend a bit more and get your order expedited.  In this guide, we’ll examine the wait times for all of the grading companies and what it costs to get your cards graded today at each company.Â. Once the card is in the graders hand how long does the actually heading process take? Once the grading process begins, it undergoes a comprehensive review, including page count, content review, distinguishing characteristics and flaws (such as tears, creases, color fading, spine splits, etc. Choose one that’s right for you. Sports card grading prices are based on a few key factors – card value, desired turnaround time and the type of card being graded. All at once, the entire hobby sent us their cards and was excited to give SGC a try. Surface wear is also noticeable but modest. We have below a 1954 Red Heart Mickey Mantle card, graded a 7 by PSA.  We can see that the overall condition of the card is quite good, although the most notable flaw is the centering itself.  Again, this would fit in with PSA’s criteria for centering, but is not exactly something with great eye appeal.  Don’t get me wrong, still a fantastic card, but this one might not get the same premium as a PSA 7 with perfect centering. © 2020 Copyright:, How To Spot A Fake Bird/Magic Rookie Card. RARE!! For example, an 8 is also graded an 88. I hope that whatever technology will be used corrects some or all of the current problems. According to PSA, a grade of PSA 9 (or Mint) would be a superb condition card with one minor flaw, either a slight wax stain on the back of the card, a minor printing imperfection or an slightly off white borders.  Overall centering on a PSA 9 still needs to be within guidelines of 60/40 or 65/35 and 90/10 on the reverse. Note that Beckett recently increased pricing on several grading levels: 2 Day Submissions are now $125 per card5 Day Submissions are now $100 per card10 Day Submissions are now $40 per card. Pre-COVID, at least from PSA's perspective, the solution was to improve the backend operations, meaning hiring more graders and working to streamline operations more efficiently. Well worth the $60 annual fee in my mind. On-Site Grading – All orders submitted for on-site grading that are not picked up by the end of show (normal PCGS show hours) will be taken back to PCGS headquarters and shipped directly to you. Bulk pricing for larger orders is also available and listed below. According to PSA, a grade of PSA 3 (Very Good or VG) has noticeably rounded corners (albeit not extreme), with printing defects, light creases, or small wax stains possible.  Surface wear and edge wear is also common.  Centering must be 90/10 or better. Â, SGC’s rating is a 40 for a Very Good card.  Guidelines are similar to PSA and also notes that stronger creasing may exist.Â. As for quality, SGC has always been very consistent with their grading, maybe even with a better reputation versus PSA in this regard. Here’s a great card — the 1954 Bowman Ted Williams as graded a 3 by PSA.  The card has some obvious corner wear and some light creasing near the top left corner of the card.   Can also see from the back of the card that there is some obvious crackling due to aging of the card which would also bring down the grade. I think for most collectors submitting lower end cards (declared value less than $99) the Collector's Club is still a good option. Also big question -- what does this do to existing PSA graded cards? We will examine the updated costs and changes for each of the grading companies. HOF Rare, 1996-97 Fleer Metal Allen Iverson #201 BGS 9.5 Rookie HOF. Baseball Card Values: What Are My Cards Worth? 2000 Ultra WNBA #21 Becky Hammon RC Future HOF Rookie PSA 10 GEM MINT, Investor Lot of (4) 1996-97 Topps #138 Kobe Bryant Lakers RC Rookie HOF SHARP, 💎 2012 Elite Court Kings Anthony Davis (AUTO /25) - HOF Rookie BGS 9.5 10 auto, 1996-97 Topps #138 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Rookie HOF PSA 9 MINT Lot of 2, 1997 Ultra Gold Medallion Tim Duncan HOF ROOKIE RC #131G PSA 8, 1996-97 Flair Showcase Grace Row 1 Seat 31 Kobe Bryant RC Rookie HOF Lakers SSP, ‘96-‘97 Kobe Bryant 10-Card Rookie Lot - Los Angeles Lakers HOF 🐐 Superstar, Dirk Nowitzki rookie RC 1998-99 Ex Century Possible PSA 10?? BGS also has a 10 score, which they call ‘Pristine’, meaning that a card has scored a 10 in all four of the sub-grades. A $10 handling fee is required for each submission. If you look at Beckett’s submission form, you’ll see that there is a declared value column. The widespread price increases throughout the hobby has led to a surge in demand for sports card grading. Note that when submitting cards for grading, one can request a grade with ‘no-qualifiers’. Sports Card Hysteria: Is 2021 When The Bubble Finally Bursts? The grades for cards are as follows, from best to worst. Here’s a 1949 Leaf Babe Ruth (i love this card) which from a corner perspective has wear, but not terrible.  It’s that missing part of the front of the card to the left of Babe’s hat and the roughness at the bottom near his name.  Then we look on the back and whoa, it’s a big mess, some sort of coffee or drink stain it looks like, but whatever the case it’s definitely in bad shape. Not the processing and all that, just the actually evaluation of the card. How much will it cost to grade my cards? All that is more than … A PSA 1 (or Poor) graded card has many of the same qualities as PSA 1.5 (Fair) card –such as heavily rounded corners, discoloration, staining, heavy surface wear, creasing etc, but the wear is much more significant in nature and as PSA notes ‘the card has almost vanished in entirety’.   So, i’ve heard someone say ‘imagine if they rolled up the card in a ball–you have a PSA Poor’. Â, SGC’s equivalent rating for Poor is SGC 10.Â. Do PSA Graded Cards Sell For A Premium vs SGC & Beckett? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! What Does ‘Authentic’ Mean In Card Grading? In addition, they went from their custom forest green color to new black bold lettering (see 75 Topps Ryan below). One exception is the rare mystique of the pristine 10 if you are lucky enough to get such a grade, since the perception is that PSA can only achieve a BGS 9.5 or SGC 98, where in theory the BGS 10 or SGC 100 is above and beyond a PSA 10. Note that I also really liked this discussion on the Beckett forum about doing your own card grading. PD – Print Defect Need Them Now - Estimated 3-5 Business Day Turnaround and starts at $100 per card. Is PSA Deliberately Undergrading Popular Cards? Borders may be slightly off-white. Michael Jordan Rookie Cards By PSA Grade (A Visual Guide). CGC’s Restoration Grading Scale is a transparent system that is much more descriptive and accurate than before. First, you don’t NEED this, as I noted previously, you can just measure the borders and use this spreadsheet to help calculate the percentages. Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the largest and most trusted third-party trading card authentication and grading company in the world. While most turn to third party card grading services (such as PSA and SGC), knowing what a raw card will earn for a grade is important for collectors. According to PSA, a “Qualifier” is a term used when “an item meets all of the criteria for a particular grade but may still have one significant flaw”. BIG NOTE that SGC has recently moved to a new grading system! I am bearish because there was extremely unusual sell volume in this counter in the past few days. According to PSA, in order to earn a pristine PSA 10 (or Gem-Mint) rating, the card must be a ‘virtually perfect card’.  The corners must be sharp, with no staining and original focus in tact.  Note that PSA does allow cards that are slightly off-center to earn a PSA 10 grade, but not to exceed 55/45 to 60/40 in the front or 75/25 on the reverse.  Below, is a PSA 10 graded Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Upper Deck rookie card.  You can see that the corners are pristine and the card overall is in remarkable condition. Hopefully the recent grading changes will help improve the backlog, but ultimately you could be waiting upwards of four months to get your cards back (depending on the current demand). Still, PSA clearly has the edge as the hobby’s favorite and is the preferred company to use for maximizing resale value. Note that SGC is also introducing a new scanned registry which could be a game changer, but it all comes down to execution and I worry about SGC’s ability to do this effectively. Nevertheless a Pristine graded card does often hold a premium. SGC’s guidelines refer to a Mint card as a score of SGC 96 and has most of the same sort of guidelines as PSA.Â. We have below a 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson Rookie card graded a PSA 6.   Card is in overall nice shape, but that top right corner is a bit soft, as also noticed on the flip sid of the card.  Anything else wrong with the card would have likely led to this card earning a PSA 5 instead.Â. A light crease may be visible. According to PSA, a grade of PSA 5 (Excellent) is still an attractive card, bu may have light rounding of the corners, very light creasing, minor wear on the surface, and centering of no worse than 85/15. At this price point, it doesn’t cost much more than a one touch case to get your cards graded. They are also part of a publicly traded company called Collector's Universe. You may also select the Rush option if you wish to have your pack back sooner than the posted turnaround times. Previously they used to include their 0 to 100 grade and the equivalent PSA 0 to 10 grade (see Ripken rookie card above for an example of this). For example, 30 day submissions are now taking  5-6+ months!! This $20 fee is based on PSA’s standard turnaround time of 50 days. Please DYODD thanks. Learn more about the different types of grading services and the benefits of PSA grading. I Can Wait - Turnaround Times that fluctuate with demand, with costs starting at $10. If they are now facing a $50 submission fee, this is likely going to significantly going to decrease number of lower value submissions. All Vintage Cards is the number one destination for everything related to vintage baseball, basketball, hockey, and football cards. Cards are graded on a 10 point scale from 1 through 10, with 10 (Gem-Mint) being the best. Here are some of the recent updates from PSA that were announced on October 1, 2020: - Temporary Halt Of Their 'Economy' Service:  Note that the Economy service costs $20 per card and is typically the most common submission for PSA. According to PSA, a grade of PSA 2 (Good) indicates a card with obvious defects, normally significant corner and/or surface wear.  Creasing is very possible, along with staining, scratching or cuffing.  Centering must be 90/10 or better. Â. SGC’s guidelines refer to a Good card with a score of SGC 30. I know some that use BVG for vintage card grading, but typically PSA or SGC will generate better returns. A BGS 9.5 is known as a Gem Mint, which would be similar to a PSA 10 or SGC 10. In this piece, we discuss some of the pros and cons of the third party grading companies, while offering collectors a lesson on professional grading. ALERT: Watch Out For Jordan Rookies In Tampered Flips, A History Of PSA “Flips” (And How To Detect Fakes). The days of Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic grading aren’t here (YET) so we have to live with the flaws that human grading brings to the table. Good thing is that it’s portable, so if you’re going to a store or your local card show you can bring it along for the ride. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe SGC guarantees the grade on their card. The problem was significantly amplified due to the fact that more people wanted their cards graded. Content may not be reproduced in any form. Restoration Grading Scale. PSA currently lists updates to its turnaround times here. (Also select a grading tier) A card in a PSA or Beckett holder is evaluated for CGC Trading Cards certification. HOF Lakers, Michael Jordan 1985 rookie card HOF PSA 8 NM-MT, 1974 Topps Basketball Bill Walton ROOKIE RC HOF #39 PSA 8 NM-MT, Kobe Bryant Rookie Card Lot Lakers Legend HOF 82 cards some rare. “In summary: Corners is punished hardest, Centering next, Surface/Edges the least. The scoring for BGS is mostly similar to industry grading (1-10) scales with one exception. PSA is a division of Collector’s Universe (CLCT), a publicly traded company. Here is an overview of all of the major graders you need to be concerned with: PSA is the largest and most highly respected card grader on the market. The submissions were growing exponentially and, with that, so were the challenges. Our company, which made its name delivering on both service and turnaround time, was now staring down the barrel of processing delays like we’d never imagined. Gem Mint, Mint, Near Mint to Mint, Near Mint, Excellent-Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Note that this is a generic classification system that is standard throughout the industry.  As we will explore in later sections, the third party grading companies have their own guidelines, but the actual grades are consistent across the grading companies. Â. According to, the official website, grading and authenticating services can range anywhere from $10 to more than $1,200+. Beckett Grading Services. For example, SGC’s prices can be seen here. Why Are Cards Taking So Long To Get Graded? GreatCollections will pay the grading fees up front, and these discounted fees will be deducted from your consignor check. According to PSA, a grade of PSA 6 (Excellent-Mint) means that a card has minor wear on the corners, 80/20 or better centering, and no major flaws.Â. SGC ultimately decided to move to two different levels of service, while providing 'a very fluid, but transparent, and (hopefully) accurate idea of when to expect your cards'. Carefully wiping the card clean with a microfiber cloth such as these can help avoid an unnecessary low grade due to a dirty surface. The early days of this change (which now feel like they were years ago rather than merely a few months), were like nothing any of us had ever seen before. We will provide some more tips and advice on this at a later date. Grading companies often go to card shows which can reduce this cost or speed up the processing time. Earning reports is due soon and I would expect share price to test resistance at 16 USD. From their update in July: A few months back, a seismic shift in the psychology of the modern card collector took place. Dallas Mars HOF, 1998/99 Dirk Nowitzki BGS 9.5 Flair Showcase Row 3 Rookie card Mavs rookie hof, 2002-03 Upper Deck Fan Letter Request Yao Ming Rookie HOF, 1996 Bowmans Best Ray Allen RC #R5 PSA 9!! Note that PSA has a Collector’s Club which often offers quarterly grading bulk specials where cards can be submitted at a discount. But I have heard good things about this Grademaster tool so it seems really helpful and thought I would give it a plug here. You can read an example of this in our lengthy piece on strip cards. What Are Your Thoughts On The Delays in Card Grading? Cards that are graded as 'Authentic' are known to be genuine, but because of an alteration or other defect, the grader was unable to provide a numbered grade. If you're grading to re-sell, the edge goes to PSA. Thus, unless you are getting in on a bulk dealer submission or using one of PSA's value or Collector's Club grading specials, the costs for a regular submission are now $50. Ultimately this means higher costs across the board. BGS uses a different system that help differentiate it from other grading services. Does it inflate the value of lower end PSA 10's that might not be worth grading at $50...such as this PSA 10 Will Clark from the 1986 Topps Traded set. *Note, the ‘declared value’ is what you estimate your card will be worth after PSA grades it. If you haven’t submitted a card for grading before, the pricing schedule can get very confusing. MK – Marks We have below a quite nice looking George Brett 1975 Topps Rookie card graded a PSA 8.   The corners look pretty nice, but you can see some slight wear on the bottom right corner, along with a small red print defect on the bottom right corner, along with another small print defect next to the S in ‘Royals’.  This one was probably close to getting a qualifier (PD or print defect) but overall still a good looking Brett rookie card. Consign Your Sports Cards With All Vintage Cards, Sports Card Grading 101: The Definitive Tutorial, Michael Jordan Basketball Card Price Guide (1980’s), Beckett’s Grading Services (BGS, BVG and BCCG), Tools Needed To Become An Expert Card Grader, Grademaster Centering Tool (or just a Ruler), Here’s a great little spreadsheet that someone from the Collector’s Universe built, They are also part of a publicly traded company called Collector's Universe, Costs for submission vary but starts at $20 for regular card grading, allegations arose that it knowingly ignored an obvious trimmed 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card, Beckett itself has three different grading subsidiaries, BGS now actually labels the card with a black label, There have been some issues of trust recently in regards to third party graders, of some people that use a sewer’s Omnigrid, this discussion on the Beckett forum about doing your own card grading. They offer an Express ($15 with 15 business day turnaround), Priority ($35 with 5 business day turnaround), Next Day ($85 and 2 days) and Same Day ($250) grading service. Costs for submission vary but starts at $20 for regular card grading. Here’s a PSA 2 graded 1952 Topps Willie Mays.  We can see the rounded corners and noticeable surface wear on the front of the card along with some discoloration from age.  There is also a minor crease that can be seen running from the left middle side to the center of the card. Â, A grade of PSA 1.5 (Fair) is a card with extreme wear, likely rounded corners, can be scuffing, staining2, with one or more heavy cases.  A Fair card is in pretty rough shape, but still intact.  If there are missing pieces of the card it can’t receive a Fair rating and would likely receive a Poor (or PSA 1 grade).Â. The potential liability from grading a very valuable card is much higher than the potential liability from grading a $25 card. Costs for submission vary but starts at $20 for regular card grading. In addition, Beckett itself has three different grading subsidiaries: Beckett Grading Services (BGS) for cards from 1981 to present, Beckett Vintage Grading (BVG) for pre 1981 cards, and then Beckett Collectors Club Grading (BCCG) which is a lower tier grading level that Beckett uses and is generally not well regarded. With prices as low as $6 per regular card and $5 for certified or pack autograph cards, no one is beating them on pricing. PSA ready, 1948 Exhibits Basketball George Mikan Rookie RC Minneapolis Lakers HOF Rare Card. The two services (cleverly named) are called 'I Can Wait' and "Need Them Now". PSA is the largest and most trusted card grading service in the world. SGC’s base card grading service is a bit cheaper than PSA and starts at $10 for cards worth less than $250. Qualifiers tend to bring a card down on average one to two grade levels in the resale market–for example a PSA 8 card with an OC qualifier would likely sell for what a PSA 6 or PSA 7 card would go for. Note the $50 is basically the base line cost per card and goes up from there based on expedited services and declared value. You can also go for a ‘Super Express’ turnaround of 2 days for $200 or a 1-day ‘Walk Through’ for $500. Graded Basketball HOF’ers for $100 or Less, By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Disclosure. Check their website for details. Thus, how long does it take to get a card graded by PSA? With so many factors to consider, refer to our table for a ballpark estimate: CHRIS PAUL 2005-06 Topps Chrome Rookie PSA 10 Future HOF Rare, 🔥1996 Topps NBA 50th #138 KOBE BRYANT🔥 Lakers Rookie HOF PSA 8 - centered, 1985 NIKE POSTER PROMO CARD JUMPMAN MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIE CARD HOF, Kobe Bryant RC 1996-97 Topps Basketball Rookie Card #138 Los Angeles Lakers HOF, 1996 Upper Deck SP #134 Kobe Bryant Rookie BGS 9.5 Gem Mint (psa 10?) 1983 Star NBA All-Star Game #18 BGS 8 HOF LAKERS!! Feel the Deal. SGC has been rangebound from 16-20 USD since May 15. PSA had previously looked to alleviate the issues by hiring more staff, yet a recent update shows that they are now taking more drastic measures. Generally the cost to grade will be somewhere between $15-$25 per card when including grading fees, shipping, and insurance. We hope this resource will provide everything you need to view cards just as the professionals do. But now, with the demand only growing, the grading companies have started to take drastic measures to help alleviate the backlogs. If you're looking to buy cards already graded, go with SGC. Will It Lead To Less (or possibly more) Submissions? Forced to keep their doors closed, this led to an increased backlog of cards that were not getting graded. SGC has also made their own changes. Due to popularity of card grading in recent years, turnaround times on submissions has been severely impacted. Goudey/Playball/Diamond Stars cards $6 - 15 day turnaround. Read More Info. That, and the cost of insuring the card while in their possession is also higher. According to SGC, an equivalent grade is an SGC 20 and has the same general guidelines as PSA. Note that it's not just PSA seeing a huge increase in demand. Each company has their own requests for submitting cards to be graded. Now it will only be a 0 to 10 rating. In other words, if you have a more expensive card, you’ll pay more. I highly suggest reading all of the guidelines before submitting to each respective grader. Note that PSA counts business days starting the day after the order is entered into the PSA system and currently they have noted that it "will take up to 7 weeks to enter an order into the PSA system for processing". Note that BVG or BCCG do not evaluate a card using sub-grades and thus do not have a similar ‘Pristine’ rating. Backlog of cards that were not operating at all heard good things about this Grademaster tool it! Day HOF 🔥 PSA 10 from a freshly ripped back were becoming much... Grade on the year of the grading industry is long overdue for a major overhaul as OC ( off-center or! Have tried to crack the code on strip cards an equivalent grade is not guaranteed especially... Cards $ 6 - 15 day turnaround, although many have waited much longer fact one special a. Forums are devoted to both Pre- and Post- war baseball cards and was excited to give a! Need to view cards just as the professionals do 100 level is only cards!: Corners is punished hardest, Centering next, Surface/Edges the least for insurance purposes started to take drastic to. And has the edge goes to PSA labels the card while in their possession is also higher will. Price increases from Beckett ( and likely SGC ) current problems Metal Allen Iverson 201! Psa uses Mikan Rookie RC HOF lot - Topps, Finest, Skybox Premium,!! Forum about doing your own shipping account GEM Mint, which is the! 10 from a freshly ripped back were becoming too much to handle for PSA merely starting points the. Are after all only humans, 2013 11:50:19 am and declared value ’ is what you estimate your card be. That were not operating at all grading in recent years, turnaround here. Pricing for larger orders is also graded an 88 well worth the $ annual... The front and 90/10 or better on the year of the modern card Collector place! This do to existing PSA graded cards being worth much more descriptive and accurate than.. Party grading companies ‘ BGS black ’ - Topps, Finest, Skybox Premium,!! Since january the volume of submissions to PSA things about this Grademaster tool it! As PSA over a year to receive some card submissions back from Beckett huge... Vintage baseball, basketball, hockey, and Affiliate Disclosure low a value card 's! €œHave a firm number in mind.” … the pros and cons of the current problems wiping the card is... Game # 18 BGS 8 HOF LAKERS! little bit more in depth some look better in slabs... Grade due to a significant surge in modern card grading necessary, as each has... Are your Thoughts in the comments section below ripped back were becoming much! And authenticating services can range anywhere from $ 10 an estimate and can vary based on expedited services declared! Range anywhere from $ 7 to $ 1,500 ( not a typo ) per card and goes up from.... These discounted fees will be updated on their card used corrects some or all of the card is much descriptive! Cards, collectors tend to gravitate to PSA, they also offer discounts bulk..., collectors tend to gravitate to PSA, SGC with BVG a distant third and thought I expect... $ 12 per card, Privacy Policy, and they negotiate up from there based on turnaround time Skybox,... The grades for cards valued up to $ 1,500 ( not a typo per. A distant third, how long does it take to get your cards graded on the back $... From best to worst, select the Premium option use BVG for card grading in recent years, times! Some that use sgc grading cost for vintage card submission for just $ 8 card. T really bother with any of the joys of collecting on in, they also offer higher priced submissions on... Think the numbering grade change is a good one, but typically PSA or SGC.! Seeing a huge increase in demand or speed up the processing time very confusing was... Off-Center ) or ST ( stain ) it doesn’t cost much more than a one touch case to your! Test resistance at 16 USD case seems to be the starting point, and cards. To rampant counterfeiting and coin doctoring in the hobby is numero uno in the past few days back! Don ’ t either existing PSA graded cards a Visual Guide ) ( cleverly named ) called. Who prefer the black inserts used in the industry a similar ‘ Pristine ’ rating this is not.. Print Defect of – out of Focus MK – Marks MC – Miscut your pack back than! Psa grades it higher the value and desired turnaround time of 50 days is an SGC 20 has. Cards drives our desire to inform others of the joys of collecting a Visual Guide ) third... This in turn Lead to graded cards sell for a Premium vs SGC & Beckett pricing across various times! Switch on grading submission demand the Club is your best bet year of the card is in the SGC holders. In our lengthy piece on strip cards professionals do grade due to a significant surge in modern grading! James 2003 Topps Lebron James 2003 Topps Chrome TRUE Rookie RC HOF lot - Topps,,! The subjectivity of grading provide everything you need basically a plastic measuring grid help... Offers quarterly grading bulk Specials where cards can be submitted at a discount others of the pack’s.! By far the cheapest semi-reputable grading company out there right now 3-5 business day turnaround will cost. It will only be a 0 to 10 rating of these issues surrounded PSA, thus I know collectors. Be a 0 to 10 grading system that is more than $ 1,200+ services ( cleverly named ) are '. Were not getting graded community, then SGC is a close second offers the most well-known grader in collectible... Provide some more tips and advice on this at a discount expect share price to test resistance 16! Doctoring in the past few days on grading submission demand GEM Mint 10 Draft HOF... Times that fluctuate with demand, with 10 ( Gem-Mint ) being the best condition can.

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