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Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Review – Best Breed Test? You've come to the right place! He had severe anxiety and hyperactivity, but very sweet. Or as a happy client you can describe the great … Wisdom Panel claims to have the world's largest breed database and pegs the number at over 350, but Embark claims the same number now. r/dogpictures. Wisdom Panel is a great buy for those who think three generations of ancestry info will provide enough background on their dog. Wisdom Panel Health DNA Test Review #2. Summary. Results. 368,536 members. and those paws, she's gonna be a big girl. Just curious about the whole deal? 19 comments. Most reviews of Wisdom Panel are positive, with regular consumers and certified DNA experts alike weighing in. This review previously compared Embark vs Wisdom Panel 3.0, but in July 2018, Wisdom Panel sent us its updated Wisdom Panel Health test to review. I used that test on Charlie and it took me two weeks pretty much exactly. Today I ordered the “Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit” from Chewy.com. Verified Purchase. 111. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 10/10. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I saw it had a lot of good reviews but I was wondering if anybody out there ordered the same kit and how long it took before they got it in the mail and how long it took to get the results? How Dog DNA Kits Work 103. Wisdom Panel offers two tests, one for breed detection only and another for breed plus disease susceptibility. Wisdom Panel Premium is not inexpensive, but it does provide a lot of valuable information that you might not otherwise know about your dog's background and health. What Does a Embark Report Look Like? It's worth mentioning that with Embark's comparable but pricier DNA test ($199 regular price, currently $149), your report will include any of your dog's relatives found in the Embark database along with a family tree. This new Wisdom Panel product is more similar to Embark’s DNA test since they both offer health and breed information. You can see the full review further below. She's gorgeous! share. How It Works: The Wisdom Panel kit has two swabs that look like mascara wands. hide. The customer service was great though, they didnt hesitate to send me more, and actually sent me a full harness set, free of charge. Results are delivered in a professional manner and the information checks out (according to our vet, anyways). Beautiful. Once the lab receives your kit, they will send you an email notifying you which is nice, and another email will come when the results are ready to be viewed. 9.5/10. 10 comments. Wisdom Panel sent us the Wisdom Panel Health DNA test to try for free in exchange for an unbiased review. Features. The kit arrived promptly, and it was easy to get the sample. 5.0 out of 5 stars his fur was like a Shepard. Heather Anderson. Join. Surprised there was no border collie at all, also had a wolfiness of 2.1% . Essential tests for more than 25 genetic conditions, 350+ breeds, 35+ traits, and more. 9.5/10 . If you’re looking for fast and easy, Wisdom Panel is the best dog DNA test kit on the market. save. 1/6. The review scoring and pros and cons are for the newer Essential and Premium test kits. The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test can identify more than 250 breeds, types and variations of dogs. I posted a while backabout being disappointed in my dog's Wisdom Panel results, so I wanted to put an update up now that I have her Embark results as well in case anyone is curious about how the two stack up. Wasn’t surprised but also wasn’t disappointed because I learned a lot! MDR1 Disease Screening, available in both WP 3.0 and 4.0. The Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit is a bit more affordable than the Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit, but the results that it provides are just as efficient. Interested in testing your dog but don't know what to expect? Wisdom Panel Premium (Breed + Advanced Health Screenings) About: Wisdom Panel Premium ($159.99) is a similar offering to Embark’s Breed + Health Kit, providing info into your dog’s breed ancestry as well as running a number of genetic health screening tests on your pooch. Got the full modded control panel for my MK2 it came out great. DNA My Dog offers genetic screening tests separately for $139.99 for over 100 tests. Their tests are priced affordably, and their turnaround time for results is one of the best we've seen, at 2-3 weeks from the time your dog's sample is received. Want to show off Fido's heritage? Reviewers state that it is important to read the instructions carefully, as the administration of the test can affect the outcome of the test. And for your pup, I'm thinking mostly Pit (btw, wisdom puts pits under the American Staffordshire Terrier name) and some German Shepherd Dog. 103. I chose the Wisdom Panel to investigate her DNA because it seemed the most thorough. Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2016 . Wisdom Panel claims to have the world's largest breed database and pegs the number at over 350, but Embark claims the same number now. report. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Join. Helpful. Some sort of coonhound & Staffordshire Terrier! 151. Posted by 3 days ago. FULL DETAILED REVIEW: Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Review and Testing. These panels might seem expensive at first glance, but they’re actually much better value than any IKEA product or foam panel, no matter how cheap the foam might seem at first glance. Put in the mail on the 8th and received at like midnight on the 23rd. 3. Report abuse. A while ago I did a Wisdom Panel 2.5 on my GSD, Bruno, to see if there was anything mixed in there. Baby girl looks like a Catahoula mixed with bloodhound or possibly one of the coon hound breeds. A new breed that should be called "natural dog of the american south". This is a … You can also purchase panels premade from retailers like GIK acoustics if the work is too daunting. For comparison’s sake, Wisdom Panel takes 2-3 weeks – in my case, right about 2 weeks exactly. Wisdom Panel did get the breed groupings right, but I'm so much more satisfied having the breakdown that Embark gives. 4,711 members. report. Embark and Wisdom Panel sent us dog DNA test kits for free in exchange for unbiased reviews of each product. 1/6. share. Wisdom panel results: 50% AmStaff, 14% Australian cattle dog, 12% GSD, 8% Chow Chow. The DNA test I conducted with the 3.0 kit was not a free trial. Interested in testing your dog but don't know what to expect? hide. Results. This dog DNA kit takes all that was great about the previous Wisdom Panel tests and adds a … I think it took a week to ship the control panel from date of order. The company has the largest breed database of any … save. Wisdom Panel offers such an effective dog DNA test that we have decided to offer not one, but two of their products on our list of the best dog DNA test reviews. This service tests for … Continue browsing in r/DoggyDNA. report. You've come to the right place! 151. Thank you Wisdom Panel, you helped save our pup's life long before you even promised to do so! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. save. Wisdom Panel vs. Embark results for Barley. 22 comments. r/guessthebreed. 1,086 members. Wisdom Panel has tested 2 million dogs to date. 16,396 members . Which is a bully breed x hound. I’ve used Wisdom Panel 3 times and each time took about 2 weeks (more specifically, between 12-16 days) to get results back. 1/4. Cost - 9.5/10. This was the coolest thing I ever bought for our pup. Testing Speed - 10/10. The results came back 87.5% GSD, 12.5% Alaskan Malamute. 91 people found this helpful. This is why … I also see Aussie shepherd coloration. Wisdom Panel 3.0 test kit. Wisdom Panel Review for DNA Testing Your Dog And when it comes to doggy DNA tests, Wisdom Panel leads the market. 147. Rating, Pros & Cons; Key Features; Price 200+ Health Screenings. You get genetic information for two common conditions with the basic test. share. Join. 9/10. I'd say Embark is a little more accurate, but it's also twice the cost. You can write a Wisdom Panel complaint or post a warning about Wisdom Panel including Wisdom Panel's service or product safety. r/mutt. Submit a Wisdom Panel review & rating re: good/bad customer service, price w/ discounts, coupons and promotions + the quality / effectiveness of the product(s)/service(s). Premium tests for everything the Essential tests for in addition to 200+ genetic conditions. Wisdom Panel is trustworthy, because I bought it along with Embark (yes I wasted lots of money) and the results came out 90% similar! Wisdom Panel 4.0 test kit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Had some issues with it as a few buttons were missing wires. The Woof Whiskers Staff January 1, 2020 January 1, 2020 Dog Care, Reviews 0. The Wisdom Panel Health kit is the best option if you have a mixed-breed dog that’s suspected to be of a breed that’s uncommon in the United States. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Place both wands into the provided plastic bag, activate the kit online by creating a profile, and then drop the bag off in the mail in the box that came with the kit. Have you been scammed by Wisdom Panel? Wisdom Panel 4.0. Just curious about the whole deal? save. hide. Friends of /r/DoggyDNA. Ease of Testing - 9.5/10. ? View Wisdom Panel on Chewy. That said, Wisdom Panel 3.0 / 4.0 include up to two disease screens, as follows: 1. Posted by 1 day ago. If you have found interesting, informative, or enlightening content related to doggy DNA testing, please message the mods so that we may put it here on the sidebar! The MDR1 (multi-drug resistance) gene is a mutation that causes dogs to exhibit sensitivity towards certain medications including antibiotics, sedatives and pain killers. r/IDmydog. Wisdom Panel also sells a less expensive $99 version that only checks breed info. 7 comments . I would definitely say some kind of hound, probably not beagle but maybe. Want to show off Fido's heritage? Use them inside your dog’s mouth along the cheek to collect skin cell samples. Results included. Test Results/Coverage - 9/10. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test - Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed, Ancestry and Genetic Health Information at Amazon.com. Reading the Results. 9.5/10. The company has handled millions of dog DNA tests over the years and has great knowledge of the genetic markers to look out for when testing your best friend. Communication was exemplary: the sample arrived, we’re in the first phase of analysis, etc. WISDOM PANEL, Wisdom Panel 4.0, $85 Wisdom Panel Health, $150 WIRED: Approachable pricing. Press J to jump to the feed. The final results arrived within the time Wisdom promised. Article Overview. Join. r/DoggyDNA. My foster, "black and white poorly bred dog", Snoopy. share. View on Chewy. Press J to jump to the feed. Peruvian street dog Isabelle. Wisdom Panel has two main DNA tests: Wisdom Panel Essential and Wisdom Panel Premium. Wisdom Panel has tested 2 million dogs to date.

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