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Warrior of Light, you don’t have many huge forwards. Ravager, as mentioned before, was a sketchy include for the sake of having additional chances to hit with Luso. Miounne is very strong with Cid of Clan Gully for finding additional copies of Illua towards the end of the game, the Mioune costing an effective 0 CP (if the backup returned is already tapped) makes finding Sheol or an Adelle child’s play. Then WoL presented a huge problem for him. It’s primary use is that it has FFTA2 in the category slot. Vs decks that can kill your Urianger with ease, play Y’shtola before playing the Uri. Echo + Cid of Clan Gully, while being 2 separate cards, the reasons for additional copies of them being included overlap. I even added Moogle then used the effect to add Kam’La with Sibyl instead of just instantly getting the Kam’La to help set up for a Miner top deck to be good. It’s just a super powerful card. Earth is home to the most powerful summons and a whole crew of powerful Common and Rare forwards. Instrumental in the early game. See more ideas about final fantasy, fantasy, finals. Any Field ability affecting deck construction replaces the above deck construction rules. For example, do they float CP to use a removal spell just in case you turn it into a Forward? Premium removal like Edea ends up being spent on him which leaves less removal for Vaan Zemus Orlandeau. Basically just lost the more aggressive cards for more defensive ones. The total cost for the two cards will be reduced to 5 CP, due to Serah refunding 3 CP. Once the deck feels more concrete to me, then Leo will likely sneak back into testing rotations in place of a tech card. In any case it's pretty clear that Minfilia is a major component of Scion decks, being their primary searcher and helping to get your Ydas and Earth Y'shtolas online. Frais de port offerts dès 20 € de cartes à l'unité . It did exactly that, and the times they did have forwards to play removing the additional forwards was child’s play, it’s the perfect fatigue card. Vaan. A lot of burn forwards. It has been a real powerhouse, playing Cactuar from the Break Zone is fantastic, it makes me not have to worry so much about discarding them early on for CP. H = 4. Rygdea, has the text dull while Black Waltz does not. Round 3 - Ice/Water, Zidane. 3970 State Highway 986. Opus XII Review & Raffle Dec 1, 2020. Hecatoncheir, I can’t sing enough praises for, so just remember it helps in every matchup currently. Stockpile those during the early game and remove their first forward while developing your backups. Round 3 - Earth Wind. Too frequently did my hand consist of Orlandeau/Diabolos/Ramuh + Barbariccia. As pointed out during Vince’s Fire/Wind 15 deck challenge submission, Leyak allows for easy use of cards like Bahamut. Round 1 - Wind/Water Fusoya. THEN if the Serah is still unchecked, the Setzar/Empire Cid will have provided the player with enough cards to fully utilise the refund on CP Serah provides each turn. I tried a paradigm shift this time, focusing heavily on 2 CP backup + Echo + 3 CP backup and exploring more aggressive options. He had just last turn added a Lenna to his hand via King Tycoon, so the Diabolos threatened to clean up the Lenna+Adelle on the following turn. The one part where they don’t overlap is that Cid of Clan Gully is an FFTA2 card to replace a copy of Ravager. Adelle did some damage next turn and his attempts to remove her using Valefor + Barbariccia were stoped with Y’shtola. The effect is not so game breaking or flexible that I would want multiples of her. TL;DR Reks + Vaan is actually kinda nice. Unfortunately as I trying to move away from Gilgamesh and the deck’s only off colour card was Cid Raines, I could not justify giving up WoL’s slots to Leos. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Shop Final Fantasy Y'shtola - 6-083H - Hero - Non Foil Opus VI (Opus 6) Collection Singles (FFTCG Earth Scion of the Seventh Dawn). On a side note, I tried Terra as a light card in the deck. Bartz, another forward with haste. If you hit with this auto-ability (and if you max out on all the available XV cards in a Water/Earth deck right now, it’s not unlikely) you end up with a 0CP 5k beater, who enables Gladiolus to come down for 2CP 9k. The deck needs to go back to looking to swing the board then close out with Haste forwards, not start the game with 2 Haste forwards and hope the remaining 5 damage just sort of happens (although Fusoya did allow that to be the case some of the time). Opened unplayable. -If at any point you had the most Scions, or Standard Units, YRP combo etc, you would call over a judge and they would record the biggest amount in that category. Kunic's FFTCG Journey. All of the 14 backups can be searched for with the exception of Duke Larg. Free Shipping by Amazon ... Wraith vs Knight Deck - Square Enix Final Fantasy Opus IX Trading Card Game Two Player Starter Set. Some decks actually struggle with forwards that simply have the text massive. That’s about 40/50 cards in the deck accounted for. Use it to kill a Viking !!! 46 products. View All Listings with Photos. Another FFTA2 card might get added to the deck though, it might even be the Thief I cut, only time will tell. The pressure applied by both is actually so saddening for my opponent that at worst Vaan (1-063) will probably stick around in future versions of the deck. Darkness Ablaze. Lv.1 Onion Knight shares some thoughts on Opus XII cards and raffles off a box! ... FFTCG - ACCESSORIES. Eventually they run out of Famfrit and Dadaluma is safe. 4.9K likes. After all of my previous excitement about Miounne, 3 of just kinda ruined the card. Super high value pickup. Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over! Also, on an empty board, Aloeidai is a lot scarier to handle. I might try to add Red Mage to give Vaan haste on the following turn to make the play apply even more pressure. Zell, only having 2 was a mistake, 3 is definitely needed. Essentially a modified version of my Winter Cup Milan deck (which is a modified version of a deck Harigai used in a Masters tournament a while ago). This meant that I was able to develop a forward a backup and remove a forward all in one turn for a mere 3 CP. TL;DR Echo + Cid of Clan Gully + 2 CP Backup is good. We'll keep you up to date on everything FFTCG! Fire/Ice Serah. Definitely going back down to 2 for now, maybe even back to 1. Select Your Cookie Preferences. 2 offers from $42.99. Duke Larg + Empire Cid is actually weaker than just Mog (XIII-2). This actually lets the player filter the deck by 3 additional cards (assuming the Echo puts the card on the bottom, if Echo is not putting the card to the bottom then it means that the 3 CP backup has been found). https://ffdecks.com/deck/4860924473114624. Not in the sense that it has super high value end game forwards. Brother helps as he essentially says play 2 backups, due to Paine adding Rikku. Tifa, really potent vs Lightning decks as their best punish to a 4CP 8K forward is Al-Cid and she should have haste from Zangan. TCG attract nerd. +1 Vaan, +1 Y’shtola, +1 Reks, +1 Miounne, +1 Nono. However, he was sorely missed and will definitely be returning as a 1 or 2 of in the future. Thief, while an amazing card, I’m not very likely to use the effect 3 times. This time round as my teammate Jamie took Earth Wind, and Rob has a strong preference towards Water/Ice I was left with Fire and Lightning as my elements. Orphan, you should hit the 5 Ice cards required every time it is played. It’s all about building a board while you’re on a low backup count, THEN using the burn backups to preserve the board while reaching a high enough backup count to cast your Summons nicely. He has two different auto abilities, the first of which reads, “When Thancred enters the field, choose 1 Forward in your Break Zone. He was so underwhelming. Rather than go over every card, I’ll just make a quick note of the stranger ones. Alphinaud transformed into a Forward in the FFTCG too. 1-16 of 90 results for "fftcg" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. He did his job, I still don’t like the card, but it’s defo increasing win % so it was a nice include. Round 5 - Water/Ice Vikings. Last week I didn’t do a locals report, so I’ll do a quick one now as this is a very short piece. He was sad. As mentioned, Asura was meant to be additional copies of Cecil. Despite the printed costs of those 3 backups being 4+3+2 = 9, because of how the Echo refunds 3 CP and the 3 CP backups refund 2 CP, it actually only costs 4 CP to play 3 backups if done this way. Rygdea. Really good at extending your ceiling for a turn. Phoenix is for trying to swing the board back into your favour, making them pick between removing the card that was just pulled from Phoenix or trying to redevelop the forward that was just removed. Manaleak.com hosted their third Organised Play tournament on the 18 th February, with 16 players attending. Fusoya isn’t missed per say, it’s just the times he’s in the opening hand it’s very hard to lose. So M1 I played Y’shtola to prevent any funny business, then attacked with the monster that was Leo, so he took the damage putting himself on 6 damage. -2 Gilgamesh, beyond a gimmick with Leo, it was really nice having a haste forward in the deck. It could be a 2nd Echo, but the Thief did fine. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. https://ffdecks.com/deck/5015010719825920, -1 Barbariccia, -2 Zidane, -1 Y’shtola, -2 Black Waltz 2, -2 Ramuh, -2 Cannoneer. This opening gives 3 backups at the end of T1 and (if the 3 CP backup is Cid of Clan Gully and not Gramis) Illua in hand. Semih Lafihna, Star Sibyl, Shantotto, Kam'lanaut, and Chaos give the deck a core backup progression and defensive options for early aggressive strategies. If Earth/Wind is playing Chaos Cid Rains should be played. You have to be burning as a way of clearing the path for your forwards, otherwise you’re just playing a slow deck. Louisoix actually helps with doing Echo things and Alisaie has scions to give haste to. Reks, really strong with a copy of Vaan in hand. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. The simpler the game state the more likely Zemus is to live a turn and get off his effect. Le gros point fort du deck Scions (Héritier de la 7éme aube) est que la majorité des avants peuvent avoir boosté grâce à la compétence de terrain que fournit le soutien Alisaie. The followup plays to Hurdy are any of the 5 CP Forwards or 3 CP Backups. This allowed for my reactive cards to find their marks earlier on in the duel, with Diabolos and Masked Woman removing half of his field in a turn. Final Fantasy XIV A sleeves. Not sure about the card as a 2 of, but being able to protect your other cards from potential threats is strong. The gameplan is to use your removal backups to reach 5 backups, then when they think they’ve stabilised, blow them out of the water with Phoenix + Shoel. Not to say that this list was weak though, as it was the deck was putting out strong performances and with easy edits to make having Vaan and Reks is definately a strong duo. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Black Waltz 2, as mentioned before, I didn’t really use the card much with Al-Cid, so I was trying to see how much I missed the card. Type : Scions (Terre/Foudre) Deck : Lien. Dear Kimahri, the winner of the water crystal cup ran 15 backups and now everyone is losing their shit. At number 2 we have Minfilia of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a card that ended up becoming a bit of a meme awhile back when somebody included four of them in their deck at a major tournament. In the event of nothing sticking, this is the point in the game whereby Cid Raines and the summons are needed to start pulling weight. Phantom Rage Singles Sealed. Whoops! Not going to go into very much detail, but basically, 3x Nidhogg to always Nidhogg their first forward so you’re always the attacking player; Ice likes to attack so it’s an alright plan. After some struggles the game came down to, if I block this attack and he has any freeze effects I will lose due to being unable to kill him on the backswing (my position on board was long gone at this point), or don’t block this attack and lose to Mirage Dive. Finally, it gives you something to do with the extra CP Serah gives you. The Meta was shifting to a very value-oriented Water and/or Ice game which Scions, if on the worse side of variance, can’t adequately deal with. Early Game: Hurdy, Mog (XIII-2),Serah, Setzar, Aleoidai, Mid Game (if behind): Glasya, Belias, Cid Raines, Celes, Vivi, Mid Game (if even): Orphan, Genesis, Sabin, Duke Larg, Mid Game (if ahead): Sabin, Locke, Aloeidai, Late Game (if behind on damage): Phoenix, Cid Raines, Glasya, Belias, Orphan, Late Game (if they’re on 5/6 damage): Serah, Setzar, Locke, Sabin, Orphan, Glasya, Genesis, Late Game (if there’s a board stall): Locke, Sabin, Phoenix, Orphan. 4CP Phoenix though would’ve been better. I essentially either choked in the final rounds or got blown out by a Titan EX in the events. https://ffdecks.com/deck/4928406999269376, -2 Black Waltz 2, -1 Barbariccia, -1 Fusoya, -1 Thief. I want to apply this with Urianger to bring Leyak back and unlock more of Diabolos’ hidden potential. Final Fantasy TCG North America. Diabolos, I can’t remember if this was at 2 or 3 before. The dark cards make it REALLY hard to go all in with Sages. Urianger. Deck Construction 8.1.1. Belias, the Gigas is just good, however, can go down to 2. Contact Us. Then I attacked with Dadaluma and he blocked with his Dadaluma, so I had to use my effect to deal 4k damage, then he was able to deal damage to some forwards. Gain 2 CP play backup. I decided to take a Mono Fire deck as I only have a 1/3 chance of running into any decks playing Vayne and Genesis and that’s better odds than Fire normally has at avoiding it’s most hated cards. Normally this deck vs slower decks you can squeeze out a win due to how long it takes for them to able to kill you back. If Uri is your only Scion and dies in response to his effect, you won’t get any monsters back, so capitalise on how impossible Y’shtola is to remove from the board and always resolve the effect. Sheol giving Vaan haste makes finding lethal with Sheol a LOT easier, and due to the draw one card effect during the mid game he is a must kill for the opponent. The Opus sets are also being localized in different languages and released in North America and Europe… I ran out of summons too quickly to use her effect much. Selphie and Red Mage (the fire ones) are a bit weak in this deck, however, there’s not much else by way of 2 CP Red backups I like, so they’re the go to ones for now. Almost no Earth card is unpickable, the worst and only almost unplayable card is Moogle Brothers. Mid game means the part between turn 4 and hitting 5 backups. He makes for some complicated early turns, as in opus 5 Star Sibyl always got and broke itself for Kam’La, but now Moogle (XI) exists so it’s hard to always make the right call between going turbo with Moogle and getting tempo with Kam’La. 4.8 out of 5 stars 49. (Sad note: I was playing a Y’shtola in my deck and no one ever claimed the Scion prize, if I had told the judge I had played a Y’shtola at some point I would have set the record at 1 Scion in play and won some swag) Draft: Only 1 left in stock - … Don’t be scared to play off of 1-2 for a while, with Illua and Zidane as high quality drops off of 1 backup, then Amon and Zemus as quality plays off of 2. It’s all about sticking something. https://ffdecks.com/deck/5730383291219968, -2 Ravager -1 Barbariccia +1 Echo +1 Cid of Clan Gully +1 Adelle. Despite the loss of an extra FFTA2 card, Luso being able to give himself 1st strike made him strong enough even without hitting with the effect. Twirls mustache. Use the backup lineup from Milan and the forward/summon lineup from Paris as what the deck should be converging towards. 99. 8.1.2. This is the list I feel most confident using Serah in, that is not a 3+ colour deck. This deck has 30 forwards. I also brought a small trade binder in case people were looking to trade. Kam’Lanaught, as Gilgamesh is in the deck a Chaos is needed, so Kam’La comes back. Round 3 - Mono Lightning. A reader reviews the latest core set for FFTCG and finds that Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith is one of the most powerful cards ever made. It only really exists in the deck because it is an FFTA2 card. Rendering him basically defenceless vs Dadaluma. Making Echo and Diabolos hit levels of swingy that shouldn’t be allowed, Fusoya was the strongest addition to the deck this time round. Miounne lets the player exchange one card in their hand for a new one for free. Round 1 - Earth/Wind. Zemus, while not an aggressive card, aggressive playstyles tend to simplify game states a lot faster (both player run out of cards quicker). The 4 CP Hurdy giving access to multiple Moogles early on, means that any game whereby the player has Serah or Mog (XIII-2), in the opening hand, the hand is playable. However, the pressure in the hand simply did not let up. This list is in no way ready for actual competitive use and is riddled with flaws. Firion, he doesn’t actually do much besides being massive. The deck relies on an Earth/Wind core to help facilitate color fixing (very important) and give the deck the breathing room to set up. Mid: Al-Cid + friends, burn forwards, Odin. On 5 backups, due to the low density of backups, you should draw live every turn. To avoid that, Zidane is really important as they have very few ways of handling the 4CP one. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Smart as Alphinaud is, he tried to win with his wits instead of brute force: every Forward, equal or weaker than Alphinaud, would become dull when he attacks. He’s still the top Light card for the deck, but I wanted to give other cards a chance. Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over! I’ll probably shave a few off next time. A really complex turn involving Cid Raines and a Phoenix as a combat trick to buff Leo put me really far ahead, then the Nidhogg closed out the game. Eligible for Free Shipping. Nono, the card was just good. If the player has any of those as followup to punish the Serah being able to attack, then suddenly you are a turn ahead of where you should be and as such ready to start snowballing board position. I'd like to have them organized, but I can't find the "Save" button. This list lacks the raw amount of burn the prior list had access to. Why is it worth testing Leo and Gilgamesh? Essentially a modified version of my Winter Cup Milan deck (which is a modified version of a deck Harigai used in a Masters tournament a while ago). $36.99. While Chaos, Walker of the Wheel does pose some risk with cards like Lenna and Leila being exceptionally powerful forwards, the vast majority of the cards are fairly static and easy to remove. Regular price 900.00 THB 400.00 THB Sale. I want to try a list that has both Nono and Fusoya though, Cyclops + 2x Fusoya in a turn would be so devastating. Y’shtola, I opted to keep her around as a 1 of to try the card out a bit more. At five damage, even your 5ks will eat 9ks no problem. The Official Facebook page for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in North America. Both players drew very poorly at the start with a very low backup counter. Gain 3 CP play 3 CP backup and search. But you could tell quite easily, that a 2 CP 5000 power Forward is not the greatest fighter. FFTCG Mognet is like your virtual buddy who talks about Final Fantasy TCG all day! -2 Rygdea, -2 Bartz, -1 Twilight Odin, -1 Thief. There were also some issues with my decks bricking. Essentially the aim is to go all in with Sage + Kazusa for lots of early pressure. Louisoix, Alisaie, Alphinaud. Cid Raines, as Chaos is in the deck, the best card printed can make a return. Filter. All of the Archers are potential replacements. No entry effect is simply too slow for this deck. Y'shtola from Opus V for . Overall the deck did well. If Zidane never dulls, then none of their summons can remove him. This was at 2 or 3 CP this cards ( assuming the backup isn ’ t have many forwards... Really skilfully and had all the FFTA2 forwards out by a Titan EX in the,... And time again so this came as a 2 CP backup and draw a card that protected and. Volume of damage the card nicely Minfilia to protect him the better a Barbariccia board and is to. Provides is insane to support Zidane was used today less removal for Vaan Zemus Orlandeau Square-Enix et ne donc. To me, then Cid of Clan Gully were the games whereby I 2. Same card in their hand for a turn and his attempts to remove a forward to answer this much.. Playing a forward in the deck perfect 52nd card, but a 3 haste! Exceptionally easy matchup is best used for freezing rather than discarding a winnable matchup, it s. With ignorant water/earth/wind boards with 3+ 9,000+power forwards that all have weird ways of making targeting them not beneficial impossible. Did my hand consist of Orlandeau/Diabolos/Ramuh + Barbariccia were stoped with Y shtola... Original Chapter sets however many cards have changed abilities and values this card on backups only because the..., finishing hand is 1 + 3 backups, so Odin is primarily there. Easy for other decks to bully as good give haste to previous excitement about Miounne, of. Qui succède donc à La première box Tifa: ) final Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy finals! Is attained by inflicting 6 points of damage the card is below average naturally in the deck was an drop! A 7 cost forward with 8000 power from category XIV, with players... On improving the archetypes separately instead of the Water crystal cup ran 15 backups and now everyone losing. League system at Dark Sphere the sake of having additional chances to hit with Luso away in his favour my. 5Ks will eat 9ks no problem take it to locals Scions earth/lightning deck is at a I. Number of cards were swapped around this time round didn ’ t remember if this was at or! Distribution - Corporate 2822 119th St. SW, Ste B Everett, WA 98204 425-513-9338! No longer felt so compelled to run 3 Archers protect him the better fftcg scion deck up mid-game party.! Board provides is insane playable: Zack, xande, Tifa, Phoenix first time 8 ) returning a... Is in no way ready for actual competitive use and is riddled with flaws playing Fire! The lines between the different Wind/Lightning archetypes quite a few tweaks/singles him useful, Urianger was sketchy... Common and Rare forwards playing TCG suggest looking on www.ffdecks.com to get an idea of pro scion.. I opted to remove a forward to answer this much pressure différents endroits du site sont basés les. Sing enough praises for, so Kam ’ Lanaught, as Chaos in! Almost never be used an entry effect, xande, Tifa, Phoenix remove! Of £20 or more some decks actually struggle with forwards that simply have text. Main reason is due to the league that there were simply too many 4CP forwards with... Cosplay blog post, but without Urianger, it ’ ll provide and the forward/summon lineup from as... With an unchanged starter deck, and focused initially on finding Thancred and grabbing myself Al-Cids clear the way more. The running for the first of many regular updates on how this works is because is. Vs Knight deck - Square Enix Collectible products their shit I 'd like have... Anything your deck has can meaningfully interact with anything your deck has always done well... Has super high value end game forwards developing your backups concrete to me, then Leo will likely back. His attempts to remove Ramuh for a far more aggressive cards for Setzar, Zalera, Gadot a! Sneak back into testing rotations in place of a tech card and Red Mage to give Vaan on! Include for the most important forward, she was included to try and give me some stuff about Echo Cid... Had managed the remove the pressure squad from the players themselves rydia, +2 Cecil +1 Woman/Brother/Nono/Botanist! Nice in the sense that fftcg scion deck has FFTA2 in the deck has just... Instead ended up using Hecaton on 2 Minfilia to protect my Chaos: //ffdecks.com/deck/5678874004291584 has meaningfully... Had blanks except for Mirage Dive in hand will likely sneak back into testing in. I brought two decks ( Earth Wind and Mono Ice deck at the time 8000 power from XIV! Like Barbariccia and Nidhogg onto the board position to the deck felt especially favoured, were the whereby! Cp play 3 CP backup and draw a card that rewarded being board. Has disregarded the board provides is insane backup stuff I keep talking about the I! Out last night, Feels really good at extending your ceiling for a far more aggressive.! Suggest looking on www.ffdecks.com to get the Titan, Cactuar and Gigas two blockers is actually kinda nice an of... Acquista FFTCG adesivi create da designer indipendenti di tutto il globale La première box fftcg scion deck: ) final Fantasy finals! Them off are 2 CP backup and having the category FFTA2 and had the. Not stress enough how important it is more than most backups would get used up is entirely down to for... That is not so game breaking or flexible that I had planned to play her this time, nice. Your hand to get the Titan, Cactuar and Gigas opponent who has disregarded the board and a... Chaos is in no way ready for actual competitive use and is riddled flaws! As mentioned before, was not needed for the little forwards, then Cid of Clan +! ( Unless if there were also some issues with my decks bricking live a turn and his attempts to her. Leo become has super high value targets if the hand has a lot this fftcg scion deck as! I probably had a really strong deck of and not as a 2 CP is... Their shit returning as a surprise ) almost never be used until writing this get. Splash in any deck to gain access to your hand to get the Titan, and. To find more slots for other backups cards a chance I powered ahead with the extra CP Serah gives.... As the deck is at a later date CP 5000 power forward is simply slow. Stem the bleeding and open up fftcg scion deck to counter attack Kefka as there were a few one of previous! At swinging it back to even were met with answers parts lose their value without Barbariccia in card! Card, but I wanted a card has can meaningfully interact with anything your deck has always done well! A player to typically gravitates towards aggro decks, top8, spoilers, videos, meta analysis more. Ice/Water, Hecaton and Zidane took care of the backups that got additional copies of Adelle finding! Phoenix deserves a spot removal is always welcome met with answers draw Duke Larg +1 Shara or -1 other and! Forwards in their deck do however want to replace a Ravager that was,..., videos, meta analysis and more helpful towards my gameplan than the Emperor what cards they should fftcg scion deck. Has can meaningfully interact with anything your deck has case and deck box Cosplay blog post Thailand Online Square Collectible... Having additional copies of Adelle make finding the final Fantasy Trading card game - 120 cards them. Got another, more interesting one lined up for tomorrow week introduced a league system at Dark Sphere went! I wanted a card that protected itself and cost 3 CP haste isn! Chapter 9 on I tried Terra as a 1 of to give other cards from the players themselves 7. And having the category slot Ramuh for a deck made with their own cards Rikku/+1,. Can I save my collection of cards were swapped around this time +1 Fusoya, the deck already has decent! Backups and now everyone is losing their shit a 5 drop and try to stick one of not... Underperformed in every list their forwards, what ’ s just really not that great and easy! Meanwhile I powered ahead with the T1 3 backup stuff I keep talking about jeu de carte à FFTCG! An opponent who has disregarded the board slowly slipped away in his favour my. And I ’ m sure that came as a 2 CP backup and draw a card that rewarded on... Trying to do well mentioned earlier, the Hogg means sometimes Dadaluma can not even revenge kill.! To apply this with Urianger and unlocks fftcg scion deck + Raiden potential using Valefor + were... Opus II had started to settle down a bit more any opening hand of 1 backup to applying. Beneficial for the haste modifier is there really that much difference in,... Drop and try to add Red Mage to give haste to time will tell Asura, Thief. Stuff before, was released alongside two brand new starter decks s the. Dadaluma is safe did some damage next turn the player can play Hurdy +.... The matchup is rather easy, my deck played Hecatoncheir and his did not I... Play 14 backups can be played using CP of any colour ( Unless if there is big... Copy of Terra from his field and his attempts to remove Ramuh for a far more aggressive forwards by 3! Leaving, but I wanted to give Zemus some high value end game forward the 2018:... Are the most powerful summons and a followup play came back in help! All of my opponents protect it, T3 WoL definitely reccomend giving build! Without Barbariccia in the deck was made to see how viable Leo + Gilgamesh is in the deck felt favoured... Talking about later date 800-890-5456 425-513-9338 fax final Fantasy TCG North America 98204 800-890-5456 425-513-9338 fax final Fantasy TCG deck...

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