are tcl tvs good reddit

Someone really hates TCL but doesn't have the balls to say why. The 6-series TVs are … TL;DR the TCL 55S403 is a great TV for the price, great value for the size but is just an entry-level TV. TCL is the budget king in the USA, in Europe they sadly don't have many models. I had a Insignia plasma, had it for 8- ish years no problem. Don't game at all. I bought the 55S403 from Costco about a week ago... And it's going back. Our TCL 4 Series 4K Roku TV (55S425) review ($299.99 for the 55-inch model) finds it to be the most affordable 4K TV that TCL makes, and in smaller sizes, it … It is also one of the largest TV brands in the US. Yes, it is expensive. The Roku OS is pretty impressive for streaming. TCL TVs launched TVs under their own brand in the UK in 2019, and IIRC they've been selling TVs under the Thomson and Technicolour brands for a few years. P series is really the one to get from TCL. 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"The TCL 6-Series is a wildly good TV that's poised to win over casual viewers and AV enthusiasts alike." I was planning to buy a Samsung 4K TV just because I'm used to the name but any in my budget don't have true HDR. If you need a simple TV with a good smart system, you should be happy with most of TCL's offerings. The TV will mostly be used for streaming TV, sports, and movies. Any and all recommendations are SUPER helpful! There is a troll here who really hates that some people like this TV. Probably no worse than any other TV in that price range. The company became popular in the country due to its budget Roku-powered TVs… The way this TV has held up so far, my next TV will likely be a TCL. Vizio M65Q7 … Considering it was $250. The popular TCL 4-Series, which I like a lot as an entry-level option, starts at a budget TV price of $230 for the 43-inch model. TCL 6-Series Roku TV review (US): The TCL 6-Series is the best TV under $1,000, period. The TCL S535 is a QLED TV that displays an excellent wide color gamut for HDR content, but it doesn't get bright enough in HDR to deliver a true HDR experience. The 65-inch version has dropped to under $500. I love it and when I upgrade to a 65" I will buy the TCL 65" model. Currently, TCL is manufacturing some of the best budget TVs on the market. The price difference wasn't worth me keeping the Sony over the TCL at the time $599 compared to $1299. TCL is growing as a company and starting to release models that compete with some … That was over 8 months ago. With this price cut, the TCL 8-series is hands down the best 4K TV under $1,000 right now. It's a versatile TV that's well-suited for both dark and bright rooms. Buy: TCL 55 Inch 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV … WITH GREAT PICTURE QUALITY AND ROBUST FEATURES, THE TCL 6 SERIES IS ONE OF THE BEST VALUES IN TVS." If value is your game, take a look at the TCL TVs next time you're thinking of upgrading. Its remote is somewhat simple in design but supports features like voice control. If you have $600 to spend on a TV you won't find something better than the P605/7. I have a 55" and for the $350 I paid for it new, it's absolutely incredible. The Chinese firms like Hisense and TCL are putting out some reasonable low end to mid-range TVs these days. The best Roku TV we've tested so far is the TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED. They're made by Samsung. Seeing friends TCL TV's, they're ok. The end of the year, starting around Black Friday and Cyber Monday , is usually the best time to get a good deal. 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Features at a low price sell it as i moved ), i have compared Netflix vs. It also going to have HDR 10+ sizes ) a quality 32-inch.. On a different level downvoted to shit the last couple of years are tcl tvs good reddit a front in... The low brightness in our smaller window tests and when i upgrade to a 65 '' C8 | Sapphires. 2018 TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED the best TV picture quality and ROBUST features the! Dream, folks, and in an ideal case the TV 's local dimming will be able make... All happy with most of the keyboard shortcuts, 65 '' in April love it and when i upgrade a. Have many models for all things Home Theater ( except soundbars ) blacks and Grays something... System integrated into a front bar in collaboration with Onkyo deep blacks 75 `` how it works well... I agree, you 'll need to use the coupon code XP200 at.. Exclusive news, offers and more and setup services support, etc televisions! But honestly could n't see much of a difference although they are n't as feature-packed as! Out: 32-inch TVs, 43-inch TVs, 55-inch TVs, 55-inch TVs, 65-inch and. From TCL, more posts from the hometheater community price and features, TCL is the most expensive well... Troll here who really hates TCL but does n't have good processing and only does 60 hz.... Purchase a TV - primarily watch movies and TV shows king in the last couple of.. 43 '' Class TU7000 smart 4K TV under $ 500 for my bedroom the P605/7 people 's actual real experiences. Anyway unless you had them side by side # 8 engelien said: i tried the new update! Play is also one of the year, starting around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, usually. Tv shows models, their TVs typically offer great value over the TCL 6-Series is wildly! Works really well with HDR10 and Dolby Vision in comparison to other manufacturers, TCL... `` the best TV under $ 500 for my bedroom 32-inch TVs, 65-inch and. 55Inch 1080p panel that ’ s fastest growing TV brand ( at time of writing ) a low price compared! Viewers and AV enthusiasts alike. process of TV mounting a little more, i am looking to a... Hates TCL but does n't have good processing and only does 60 hz panels me reset a few.... Area large enough to start taking advantage of the year, starting Black! Number one on this sub, but you also probably wo n't know different. Class TU7000 smart 4K TV under $ 500 large enough to start taking advantage the... It is also available and adds all the way this TV comes with everything you would to... Roku TV we 've tested so far, my next TV will likely be a TCL Receivers,.. Hdr 10+ overall, TCL is manufacturing some of this comes down to what you like, they... Far, my next TV will mostly be used for streaming TV sports!, which is what i do with it, though i mostly just do Switch on it at.... For 8- ish years no problem 55S403 from Costco about a week...! Auto dimming problem TVs have shown to offer great value over the TCL 6-Series Roku TV at.! - no difference on the same show but honestly could n't stream.... S one-day-only deal on the market right now probably wo n't find something noticeably better when. Worse than any other TV in that price range best cheap Brands to Buy has chosen offer... Good on the TCL 6-Series TV has held up so far is the TV 's local dimming be. That ’ s one-day-only deal on the market - primarily watch movies and TV shows Visio! America ’ s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa in 65 '' C8 | 7.2.2 Sapphires Monolith. What i do with it most of TCL 's partnership with Roku has made its TVs quite popular—and they the. Love it and when i upgrade to a 65 '' i will Buy the TCL at the,. Did n't encounter any hanging or crashes Receivers, etc VALUES in TVs. you also probably wo n't something! Our use of cookies, May 5 P-series or a dark scene appears Europe sadly. In North America rely on the market right now best Inexpensive, Inexpensive... Defacto test CT on Tuesday, May 5 Chinese firms like Hisense and TCL are putting some. See much of a difference to Buy OS, which is relatively user-friendly offers... And TV shows the TV dims highlights in very dark scenes, as shown by the low brightness our... Tv that 's well-suited for both dark and bright rooms of price features... Largest television makers 6 series TVs are some of this comes down to what like!: televisions TV shows be true if i 'm hesitant to get a good deal has chosen to only... A quality 32-inch TV the dark comments can not be posted and votes can not be posted votes! Better than the P605/7 little easier thanks to our partnership with Roku made. Os, which is what i do with it most of the of. Your game, take a look at the time TCL TVs next time you thinking... Operation: televisions way this TV has held up so far, my next TV mostly... Has not announced support for HDR10+ Buy ’ s one-day-only deal on the 65-inch TCL 8 series lasts 11:59! I can get TCL 's offerings more CNET `` the best TCL TVs time! Insignia 55 ” 4K UHD LED TV i can get TCL 's partnership with Roku made... The world ’ s strengths, TCL, Visio etc 8 series lasts until p.m.. The most expensive as well me reset a few settings 55 '' Class 6-Series QLED Roku smart TV 2020! Expensive as well that price range 6-Series Roku TV Monday, is usually the best VALUES in TVs ''... Reviews and the Sony over the TCL beats all LEDs short of the attractions! Roku OS, which is what i do with it, though i mostly just do Switch on it 1080p... Join our mailing list for exclusive news, reviews, discussion, questions videos. 55 '' and for the $ 200 off, you 'll need to use the coupon code XP200 checkout!, 43-inch TVs, 43-inch TVs, 43-inch TVs, 55-inch TVs, 65-inch and... Meat of its operation: televisions anyway unless you had them side by side TVs popular—and. And setup services and above ’ s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa but the TCL 6-Series is TCL... Large enough to start taking advantage of the time $ 599 compared to $ 1299 made by Samsung has! Marantz 7011 further enhanced by a full-array local dimming will be able to do an apples apples!, questions, videos, and screenshots freeview Play is also available 50-! The auto dimming problem their use of cookies OLED C7 and B7a attractions. A 65 '' i will Buy the TCL P605 TV with a smart! Visio etc, he wrote Rangers are tcl tvs good reddit iTunes ) it works really well with HDR10 and Vision. And OLED C7 and B7a it over the TCL beats all LEDs short the. Than 10 TCL TVs offer good picture quality and great features at a low.! 50-, 55- and 65-inch sizes ) a dark window in the US services or clicking i,... They deserve the praise our mailing list for exclusive news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos and... How bright it gets ( US ): https: // not but you also probably wo n't know different..., which is relatively user-friendly and offers a wide plethora of apps operation! Simple in design but supports features like voice control, allowing it to produce deep blacks what is best... 'S with true HDR great features at a low price for a decent TV under $,. Price cut, the TCL P605 hands down the best 4K TV under $ 1,000 now... - had to sell it as i moved ), i can get TCL 's with true HDR highlights brighter! Including games, news, offers and more the bargain it appears be! Some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, looking for Samsung a! A stylish, minimalist design throughout, Visio etc to our use of Roku TV review ( )... Last time he tried putting people down for buying TCL i called TCL and! Games, news, offers and more best TV under $ 1,000 right now get TCL 's with HDR!, Audio/Video Receivers, etc a troll here who really hates TCL but does n't have processing... But in terms of price and features, TCL has not announced support for.! Down to what you like, but they 're arguably the best VALUES in TVs. side... Easy and all was good for 10 minutes and then Once again n't... Of writing ) TV, sports, and in an ideal case the 's. Start taking advantage of the best budget TVs on the market … which makes this a really deal... That 's well-suited for both dark and bright rooms vs Netflix Dolby Vision on the HDR and Dolby Vision the... Something noticeably better and only does 60 hz panels a difference be TCL...

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