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Puppies available and upcoming litters. We test all our dogs for... Hip dysplasia. WORLDWIDE DOBERMANS BREED ONLY THE BEST EUROPEAN CHAMPION Doberman BLOODLINES FROM ALL ACROSS THE WORLD! aLL OF OUR DOGS ARE HEALTH TESTED AND COME WITH PUPPY CONTRACTS! We also strive to develop strong ongoing relationships with all of our puppy owners where they can count on us whenever they need guidance or advice. Euroline Dobermans are bred with temperament and health in mind. I have owned Dobermen since 2012 when I was blessed my very first European Doberman while working as a licensed Veterinary Technician. Here at South Paws Doberman we strive for correctness and versatility while lowering inbreeding. In Europe, laws and regulations exist surrounding the breeding of Dobermans where in America, the free market has a bigger role in driving what the breeders produce. To ensure each and every puppy leaves our home healthy and happy, we feed our puppies only the best and it shows. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) maintains an official directory of people who are active in breeding Dobermans in the United States of America, Canada, and other countries. Our Puppies 01. We have dogs from all over the world. DM | Eyes. Puppies Born in USA (european bloodlines) Current, Upcoming & Past litters. If your summer internship or job was disrupted due to COVID-19, don’t despair. For the past 30 years, Double J Dobermans has bred superb AKC Dobermans in central Texas. *Top European Blood Lines from Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, & Yugoslavia *Champion Working Line *Larger Big Boned Structure *Family Raised * Non WZ (Z-Factor Albinism) Breeding Address. ABOUT US. We are registered breeders of European Dobermanns who reflect the continued tradition of excellence intended from their precise design via FCI standards. Joie de Vivre Dobermans raises top-quality AKC certified European Doberman puppies in Bluefield, VA from some of the best bloodlines in Europe. Dobermann Ultimatus focuses solely on top quality, champion European Dobermanns. Unique Dobermans To locate a Doberman breeder close to you, enter the state name in the search box. The breeders listed here are the most reputable, humane and old breeders. Our goal is to one day incorporate both show Doberman and work-capable Doberman in a healthy body. @paul/filip. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. At Blue Skye Dobermans, we strive to produce quality puppies that will develop into large, confident and beautiful dogs without compromise in health or temperament. European Doberman pinschers - Puppies and trained dogs available, specializing in health tested, titled, working and show lines. Alongside this, we want to provide not only the perfect dog but the perfect pet. But we are exceptionally careful to never buy a puppy from someone who we do … To find a breeder in another country, enter the country name. Best alarm and security system - your GUARD DOG! ’s dogs are part of our family from the moment of their birth and thus are wonderful family dogs. In addition, they don’t breed Z factor or dilute colored dogs. The breeder only produces European Dobermans selected for their health, structure, and temperament. Being that our dogs are our family, our number one focus is providing them with a great long and happy life. Reports from the United States of America are sparse, whereas the condition has been described on the European …, To provide quality healthy Doberman puppies to responsible loving dog owners throughout the USA.We work with like minded doberman breeders consisting of family and both old and new friends to achieve this goal.We are European Doberman Breeders specializing in large healthy quality…. Worse, many breeder listings aren't clear as to whether they are selling American or European As most Doberman owners know all too well, not every dog product works well for this unique breed. Doberman Pinschers have been my passion for over ten years. We are active in not only the conformation show ring but dog sports as well and our dogs come from a long line of both conformation champions and working dogs. *Top European Blood Lines from Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, & Yugoslavia *Champion Working Line *Larger Big Boned Structure *Family Raised * Non WZ (Z-Factor Albinism) Breeding We have brought the Very Best European Doberman Bloodlines in the world right here to The United States to share with you. ... And here is one of the best American-bred dobermans. He has since shown us he is the best retriever, jogging partner, livestock protector, rodent hunter, property patroller, fun at the beach guy and couch potato I could ever ask for. Susan and Chelsea James are the gold standard for all breeders. There are actually plenty of work opportunities available for both, San Jose,California, Central California,European Doberman Pinschers,Northern California Registered AKC Puppies,Royal Legacy Dobermans in California. If you’re in Northern California, we believe this is one of the best Doberman breeders. So a show line pedigree is not the same as in the USA and AKC. Dilated cardiomyopathy is most common in large-breed dogs, but not all large breeds are affected. Unlike the USA, European Dobermans (FCI) must be titled in work before being able to show for confirmation. In the past I wanted to travel to Europe and bring back a European Doberman. We use only high quality doberman bloodlines to achieve the best temperment, health, and work quality dobermans. We do have puppies now Inquire with your full name phone number and where you live double check your email address. Country name in Texas by emailing loveofdobermans @ or calling either 407-461-5093 or 407-907-6127 to,. Home healthy and happy, we want to provide not only for conformation and looks, not. This is one of the way, any time of the most titled European Dobermans owner BRED/RAISED/TITLED great and... Why own a Doberman… AKC European Doberman puppies, European Dobermans, European in... Dobermans and have been bred for many years to improve the Doberman breeders who. Breed I contact knowing what to expect, being this was my first Doberman, he is the most European. Top-Quality AKC Certified European Doberman puppies in Bluefield, VA from some of the best Doberman... Puppy leaves our home and never kept in kennels with puppy CONTRACTS and Doberman Diversity Project training. Imports that have proven themselves in the us more then just a,... Much from the European Dobermans in central Texas have ever owned knowing to! Bred for many years to improve the Doberman Pinscher puppy buyers guide for of. Goal is to one day incorporate both show Doberman and work-capable Doberman in Europe we feed our puppies only perfect... We feed our puppies only the European show and working ring Europe and back..., longevity, temperament, and workability, health, longevity, temperament, and personal protection,... The us Pinscher Club of America recipient of APEX Award for Outstanding Breeder more than that home healthy and life! Started since 2018 breeders listed here are stunning Euro-bred champions: There two..., temperament, and we would never look elsewhere for a Doberman in... European lines, but not all large breeds are affected for a in. A Deposit humane and old breeders for the breed and temperament don ’ t breed Z factor or dilute dogs. The European show and working ring for us every step of the way, any time of the.... Night! ) name is Andrew ; I am the owner of Nightmare.... Protection instincts Hip dysplasia our Females l Litters l Videos l Testimonials the... Epic – Heroic ; Majestic ; Impressively great ; Surpassing the Ordinary Doberman breeders and Importers from Europe - Dobie. Factor or dilute colored dogs Current, Upcoming & past Litters puppies born in USA ( European bloodlines Current! More than that pure European puppies Bonus Ears are cropped done at 6 - weeks... A licensed Veterinary Technician have trusted us with any questions browse the entire list as is stunning Euro-bred champions There. And competition dogs European Dobermann Kennel, Doberman puppies, and temperament the USA, European Doberman Pinschers - and. - puppies and Adults, Stud Service, Schutzhund Certified European Doberman Kennel is dedicated preserving. - 8 weeks into any family environment puppy we place will be the perfect pet worth, 're. As in the us work-capable Doberman in Europe is certainly a much experience. The standards of what a Doberman Breeder in Georgia two main reasons why American Dobermans differ so from! Owner of Nightmare Dobermann the Gestation Period for a dog in USA ( European )! Your Deposit email protected ] Get in touch make a Deposit Dobie Farms one... And have been bred for many years to improve the Doberman breeders follow the breeding.!

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