drum pump for corrosive liquids

Lever Pump For Non Corrosive Liquids & Oils Brand Manutan Conditioning unit Technical Specification MIG2619232 For 60 to 220 L drum Type of nose Swivels 180° Max. The special design of the CBP range ensures that spillages are collected back in the drum container. box. Hand pump only in white carton. Includes 3/4 in. For high-volume fuel transfer, use the high handle position: the HP-100 generates twice the flow of any other hand pump. This design eliminates side load, shaft binding, or seal leakage seen in other lever pumps. 120v Motor - 39" Tube. 2 inch NPT and Buttress thread connections. Head - Pumps 6 ft (3MMD4)? Manual Drum Pumps. Electrical Plunger Handle Barrel Pump for petroleum products. (Search by Product Type i.e. Water and Non-Corrosive Liquids (1) Filters Sort by. Quick View. R 32.20 – R 279.45 inc VAT. Drum pump, Lab Equipment Supplier, Miscellaneous. SKU: lutz-set-corrosive-acid-base: Mfg. Versatile electric pump system with stainless steel pick-up tube for use with corrosives, solvents and flammables in 55-gallon steel drums in non-explosive areas. Compatible fluids include: Water, AdBlue, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Heating Oil, Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, Sodium Hypochlorite (<20%) and many other chemicals. Due to the high chemical resistance even corrosive liquids can be safely transferred with this barrel pump. box. Contact Supplier Company Favorites Company Favorites. The RP-10 Rotary Hand Pump is rugged simplicity in action, with extra efficiencies in field transfer of gasoline and up to medium weight oils. At GPI we’ve improved our selection of hand pumps to fit nearly every customer application. With different material, different motor, it can pump diesel oil, gasoline,kerosene,engine oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil,milk,drink and chemicals. All good. P.O.P. The BP-12 Lever Handle Barrel Pump has durable steel construction and an adjustable lever pivot for heavy liquids. There is a suitable pump for every medium. Suitable for highly corrosive chemicals and neutral liquids in non-explosive areas. Weight: 20.00 LBS. The complete line of FTI pumps include non-metallic magnetic … Promo code PIGGYMUG. Do not transfer liquids by pressurizing their usual shipping containers with air or inert gas. Lutz drum and container pumps are the professional solution for handling of aggressive and corrosive liquids in drums, containers and other vessels. REQUEST PRICE. Electrical Drum pump PVDF with Motor MA II 3 | for highly corrosive chemicals. All you have to do is decide which method of transfer you prefer. Call 1-855-493-HOGS, For Corrosives; Solvents; Shear-Sensitive Liquids, Max Flow Rate 10 gal./Minute, For 55 gal. All the medium contact parts are made of PTFE and FEP so even liquids which attack PP and PVC can be transferred. Transfer flammable or corrosive liquids from a 275-gallon IBC tote with this explosion-proof, electric drum pump system with stainless steel pick-up tube. Often used with hydraulic oil and motor oil in addition to acidic and alkaline liquids, these pumps have a nonsparking motor for use in applications where electricity is unavailable or dangerous. A filter/lubricator ensures efficiency and reduces wear on the pump. Lever Pump For Non Corrosive Liquids & Oils. The RP-5 is GPI’s economical model for light-duty in a rotary hand pump. Alu 41 for neutral liquids. Pump tube equipped with Lutz original hand wheel; Features & Advantages. Often motor is A100005. Each pump comes in a poly bag, 12 pumps per carton. Flux drum pumps are famous for their quick assembly capabilities, which make it fast and easy to strip down a pump after use. acetic acid, nicotine, toluol, styrol, etc. The Drum pump is suitable for corrosive, aqueous to slightly viscous media. Level or Brand Name i.e. Type: 120V AC. Action Pump QS-1 Pro-Lube Hand Operated Drum Pump, Rotary Action, Max Pressure 10 psi, Max Viscosity 2000 SSU, Inlet Size 3/4 in FNPT, Outlet Size 1/2 in … It is our goal to continually provide our customers with the best possible equipment, technology, and service. Show paginated List Grid Bestseller. Rotary Hand Pump for diesel fuel, kerosene and lightweight or medium weight oils. It’s easy! Adblue® is stored in a separate tank in the truck. Warning: The drum and container pump must not be used for flammable liquids. Includes 3/4 in. Barrel Pump, 40" Chemical Industrial Drum Barrel Pump PFP - Polypropylene drum pumps for corrosive liquids: acids, caustics, salts, plating solutions, corrosives, chemicals to 500 cPs. 2 inch NPT and Buttress thread connections. Electrical Drum pump PVDF with Motor MA II 3 | for highly corrosive chemicals. Pumps: Hand pump, immersion tube length 400 – 900 mm, for corrosive liquids, pump rate 0.30 l/stroke | Free delivery 3 year minimum warranty 30 day right of return – Everything for the business World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®. AU $49.90 postage. Ideal for a proper and safe handling of acids and alkalis, mineral oil products, and of course equally well suited for neutral fluids. or Best Offer. formic acid, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, conc. Drums . Features include: 316 stainless steel or CPVC tube materials T 40 in. FLUX drum pumps in polyvinylidene flouride are used for both chemically aggressive and hardly flammable liquids such as acids and alkalis, together with most thin and neutral liquids. Hand-operated rotary action; Delivers about 10 gallons per minute; 1-1/4 in. Lutz Drum Pump SL-HC 42 For Extremely Corrosive Liquids is suitable for pumping clean and dirty, thin-bodied and slightly viscous, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids out of … Rotary Hand Pump with cast iron rotor for fuel. Lutz Pumps Inc. is the partner and technology leader for Adblue®/DEF fuelling systems. Stainless Steel Lift Drum Pump. ... Industry-trusted GoatThroat Pumps offer the easiest and safest way to transfer and dispense liquids. Pump Set For Flammables, Hazardous Locations. Drum Pumps are a portable pump option, ideal for intermittent operation. Learn more. They will also used for pumping neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids when high pressure is needed. Drum & Barrel Pumps. MET-PRO A Met-Pro Fluid Handling Tec hnologies Business Sethco Product Brand Global Pump Solutions SETHCO® MAGNETIC DRIVE, SEALLESS DRUM PUMPS 800 Emlen Way, Telford, PA 18969 P: 800.645.0500 • F: … Free postage. Drum pumps in this series are ideal for liquids containing small particulate or solvents. AU $95.00. Features: Optimized drum drainage with a residual quantity of approx. Drum and Container Pumps For Viscous Liquids. We’re obsessed with keeping you happy! x 8 ft. (2.4 m) Buna-N® hose, metal nozzle, and adjustable suction pipe. PVDF 41 for highly corrosive liquids. The explosion-proof models of Lutz drum pumps provide optimum protection when handling easily inflammable, combustible material and when working in potentially explosive environments. The BP-10 Plunger Handle Barrel Pump comes with a detachable spout with optional connection to a common garden hose. Material: PVDF. ALUMINUM DRUM PUMPS. Depending on the application different Motors are available which can be combined with the Pump tube at any time. This pump fits a 2 inch NPT bung. Free returns & money back within 30 days. Drum and Container Pumps For Complete Drum Drainage. Chemical Industrial Drum Barrel Pump PVDF Kynar drum pumps for corrosive liquids (concentrated acids, sodium hypochloride, caustics, salts, plating solutions) 500 cPs. The barrel pump is self-priming with an easy-turning hand crank and can transfer 10 gallons per minute. box. This package has been engineered to be light weight and portable while still maintaining a robust quality and high flow rate. x 8 ft. (2.4 m) hose, molded plastic nozzle, built-in nozzle hanger and two-piece suction pipe. 17.0 lbs., 7.7 kg. Drum pump Motor must be ordered separately. On the one hand, the medium is used to the maximum, on the other hand, the cost for disposing of residuals is drastically reduced, since only the slightest residue remains in the containers. Be the first to review “Standard Drum Pump Non Corrosive Liquids Package 7 Aluminum” Cancel reply. Corrosion resistant CPVC/PVC vertical centrifugal pumps provide excellent resistance to corrosive liquids. Pump Set For Thin Bodied Oils And Diesel Fuel. Quick View. Flux’s electric and pneumatic drum pump motors are powerful and reliable, even in hazardous locations or when pumping highly flammable liquids. Grainger's got your back. Includes 3/4 in. This reliable hand pump is compatible with a wide variety of petroleum products and fits a 2-inch NPT bung. Plus, you get a FREE gift with every order! FREE Shipping by Amazon. ... To prevent emission of dangerous gases when using a drum pump, so protecting the operator, the environment and the drive motor from hazardous, aggressive gases and vapours. For thin-bodied acids and bases such as hydrochloric acid, battery acid, ferric (III) chloride, phosphoric acid, chromic acid, citric acid, sodium chloride, kalihydrate, ammonia solution, formic acid, acetic acid, etc. Pumps made of polypropylene and PVDF are not affected by acids and alkalis. New Pig – Worlds Best Stuff for Leaks, Drips and Spills, Water-Filled & Water-Activated Barriers & Bags, Shop All Drain Protection & Stormwater Management, EPA's SPCC: Active vs. Global Pumps are importers and distributors of pumps and associated equipment, and manufacturers of effluent and storm water pumping and treatment systems. Standard Pump’s Aluminum Pump Package is designed to transfer non-corrosive liquids such as machining lubricants and light oils from barrels and Tote® tanks. Pump only. For Corrosives; Solvents; Shear-Sensitive Liquids, Max Flow Rate 10 gal./Minute, For 55 gal. UL Listed. The LP-50 is designed to fit tanks or 55-gallon barrels with 2 inch NPT threads. Model # : 9760-9761-9762-9763. Antique Vintage BP And Esso Oil Drum Man Cave Collectable Bulk Lot. Pump only. AU $50.00. This pump fits a 2 inch NPT bung. The drum pump is a handy and powerful device for almost all low-viscosity and light-viscosity liquids in your company. The infinitely variable speed controller with integrated on/off switch allows a controlled and comfortable filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts. This pump fits a 2 inch NPT bung. Keep an eye out for exclusive promos served straight to your inbox. Barrel Oil Pump, Electric Drum Pump, Barrel Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Barrel Oil Pump, Electric Drum Pump, Drink, General Corrosive Liquid, Gasoline (YSB), Sk 2sk 2be China Electric Pumps Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump Price with Siemens Motor, Cqb-F Fluorine Lining Magnetic Pump Corrosive Pump and so on. CP-5 Container Pump is lightweight PVC for portability. Start Autoshipping right now — just change “Ship One Time” to a frequency that suits you. box. For concentrated acids and bases such as chloric acid, chromic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hypochlorite, etc. Ideal for a proper and safe handling of acids and alkalis, mineral oil products, and of course equally well suited for neutral fluids. Series: Chemical Industrial Drum Pump . The RP-10 is the perfect pump for construction, agriculture, and other industries where maximum productivity and maximum portability are important. Buy Online . Drum w/ 2" NPT Bung . Comes complete, includes adjustable spout, easy spin handle and three-piece suction pipe. Our team in Tipton, PA is here to help. Drum pumps for transferring harsh liquids including flammable and corrosive liquids . box. Find the perfect chemically resistant drum pump for your business’s needs with Global Pumps. box. Sethco® Cantilever Design Sealless Pumps In-tank and out-of-tank sealless vertical pumps for corrosive liquid pumping in thermoplastic and 316SS materials. The HP-90 is our latest economy hand pump with a dual-action piston to pump fluid on both the push and pull strokes for fast fueling. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. 4.3 out of 5 … One Pork Avenue • PO Box 304 • Tipton, PA 16684-0304, 1-855-493-HOGS (493-4647) • Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) • hothogs@newpig.com. Barrel pump is high flow design with double suction impeller. Drum pumps, hand pumps, barrel pumps and container pumps from the world's leading drum pumps, hand pumps and barrel pumps manufacturers. For transferring non-corrosive liquids such as machining lubricants and light oils. The pump is also suitable for transferring ultra-pure liquids. Other benefits of drum pumps include portability, the ability to be hard-piped into the system and that they are available in metallurgic and non-metallic materials to minimize corrosion when the pump is in use with corrosive liquids. UL Listed. Flux PVDF 120V 55 Gal Drum Pump w/ Hose & Nozzle Kit - Corrosive Liquids. They can transfer all manner of hazardous liquids making them a perfect fit for any business which deals with harsh and corrosive liquid chemicals. Related products. 3.6 lbs., 1.6 kg. Economical Piston Hand Pump for use with fuel. FTI .33 HP Electric Drum Pump System With TTS Pick-Up Tube. View full info. Thus you are flexible at any time and save important resources. Looking for a light-duty Rotary Hand Pump that fits a standard 55-gallon barrel. Wetted Material: Aluminum, 316SS PTFE, Carbon Graphite, 6FT PVC Hose, Aluminum-Buna Nozzle | 22 GPM BASED ON WATER | MAX VISCOSITY 1500CPS | MAX TEMP 175°F | Motor Variable Speed. Drum and Container Pumps For Hazardous Liquids. Drum Pumps For Non-Corrosive Liquids www.standardpump.com Aluminum Pump Package 6 Ft. (1,8 m) 39" (1000 mm) 47" (1200 mm) 10" (250 mm) 10" (250 mm) 1.69"

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